Friday, September 23, 2011

My (and hubby's) most recent complaint...

AT&T! ....I will not complain about their cell phone reception, but I will complain about our local stores customer service. 

Hubby has a blackberry which recently kinda became a nightmare (to me I guess!).  The trackball on the phone decides when it wants to work and when it doesn't.  It seems to decide that evenings are the best time to quit working.  This would be after hubby is home and the local store is closing/closed. 

He took the phone to the store to show them, but of course it was working.  They gave him a tech support number and told him to do a software upgrade to see if that helps.  When we finished the upgrade and tried to move the cursor to click accept, the trackball was on strike again.  So, hubby got on my phone and called tech support.  They got the thing working and complete the upgrade and everything seemed fine....for a day.
Now I listen to him complain and yell when he is trying to send or receive a text or find a phone number.  I get frustrated listening to him.  So, he made his way into town again today to explain that the upgrade did nothing for the trackball.  Of course, the thing was working again, so the employees wouldn't help him.

I wasn't such a happy camper.  I dialed the customer service number and spoke to a lady who was very helpful.  I explained that we can't get the help we need and hubby needs his phone for work.  She looked up our account and noticed the phone was still under warranty and all I need to do is get the serial number from the phone and call customer service again and a new phone will be shipped to us. 

Wow, all that and we can't get the local store to just give us a new phone.  I guess waiting for the new one in the mail is better then never getting help. there's my complaint.  And thank you nice southern lady at the AT&T call center!

And, while I'm on complaining, I must throw this in.  Hubby works the day shift and is the supervisor.  So when the night shift has problems, they contact him.  But, I think there's an appropriate time and a NON-appropriate time to call when you really don't have an issue.  The last two nights, his phone rang at 1:15AM.  This is not okay with his wife!  He said next time it rings, I should answer it....because they won't be calling at that time again!
Okay, I should explain myself.  When there is really a problem that hubby can help with at 1:15am, the call is legit.  But when you are calling just to call.....not so good! The End!

On a MUCH happier's FRIDAY!  We will be attending hubby's work "Employee Recognition Banquet" tomorrow.  It's usually a decent time with good food and laughs.  Other than that, out weekend looks pretty relaxed!

The weather is gorgeous today considering it is the first day of fall.  Enjoy it will it's here! :)

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