Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Diamonds are a girls best friend

My Anniversary gift came 3 days late.  But I'm not complaining!

I'm in love with my new wedding band!
I wish I would have never got my first band put together with my ring.  It's just a plain, thin band and neither of us liked it.  But, it would serve it's purpose of showing our love. 

I didn't need a new band with diamonds or bling, but we both agreed that my engagement ring needed a prettier friend! I'm not all about the bling and the big diamonds, but it seemed appropriate this time!
        Now, just to get it into the jewelry store and put together.  I hate parting with my wedding ring because I always feel like I lost it.

Anyway, we spent the weekend with family for my baby sis (in-law)'s graduation and had a ton of fun with a few tears!  I will be posting pictures later.
But right now, my mind is set on helping out the poor residents of Bismarck and Mandan.  My husband and a friend of ours are working at getting our volunteer fire department there tonight or tomorrow to do what we can for a few hours.  I have been wanting to go help for the last couple days, and last night J decided he wanted to help and he was going to round up some of the fire department to join us.  I'm hoping that I can be a help even though I'm kind of a weakling!
I've been reading the ND Floods facebook page today and seeing what people need help with.  I can't help but feel sad for those looking for help at elderly people's houses.  I want to leave now! They are doing mandatory evacuations again, which means it's not getting any better.
I cleared it with my boss this morning and he said for the day, he will sign off on my 8 hours.  I thought that was generous of him considering they will pay me to volunteer somewhere else.  But that's the kind of company I work for!

Just a little too much water, and a little too little help!  I feel like I should do my part.

Enjoy the day wind and be thankful its not more rain today!

Friday, May 27, 2011

We are those weird people!

The other day, I was looking at some ads on our local classifieds and came across a lady looking to buy lawn gnomes.  She stated that they were those weird people who collect them.

These are just the 5 that greet you at our deck.
We are also those weird people! But that was not me looking to buy more gnomes. 
And maybe I should clarify.
 My beautiful mother brought us a gnome that my grandma didn't want anymore.  I blame her for this!  Hubby fell in love and started getting these things as gifts and buying a few himself.
Next thing I know......
              we have a gnome family.

This guy, I had to purchase my hubby when he was "a good kid" at Hobby Lobby.

This lovely addition came as a Christmas gift from hubby's brother.  Gee, Thanks Mike!
I got one as a birthday gift from my mom (remember I blame you!) last year, they are cute little guys sitting around a tree stump playing cards and its a solar light.  I don't love them as much as J does, though.

Yes, we are officially those weird people.  Thanks everyone!

In addition to those lovely gnomes, I have beautiful flowers in pots this year!

I don't know what any of them are without looking at the little thing that came with them, so I will not attempt to guess!  But they are all colorful, and I love them.

Hopefully, soon, we will see some more pretty green fields and then the golden wheat. I'm kind of tired of seeing puddles.
Would also like to starting taking pictures of the seeding process to add to my collection of farming pictures.

Here's to the beginning of a long eventful weekend spent with hubby's family.  And here's to hoping I don't bawl my eyes out at graduation on Sunday. 
Emotions of the weekend have already hit me, which is odd.  And no mom, I am NOT pregnant, just proud of my baby sis (in-law). 

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.  I hope you get to spend some time relaxing and sharing some laughs!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sometimes you have to stop...

And remind yourself why you are so blessed. 

Looking at pictures of the flooding going on in North Dakota and around the US and the tornadoes and storms down South, reminds me how lucky and blessed I am to be where I'm at. 
The only "natural disaster" that I have had to live through was our house burning down.  Sad time, yes.  We lost almost everything, yes.  But I still had my family and some pictures to remember my childhood. 
Some of these people may never get those things back. 
Some don't have family to lean on for support.
Some don't have what they need to start over.
Photo Credit: Bismarck tribune

I just remind myself that I have a good life and I couldn't ask for more.

My amazing family on my dad's side
My beautiful friends and family.
I feel like I should spend my Memorial day weekend sandbagging and hoping those who need my help, instead of spending the weekend with family for my sister-in-laws graduation.  I wish there was something I could do with the time I have.  But for now, I will continue to pray for those in need.

Enjoy the time you get with your friends and family and have a great Memorial Day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

One year (plus a day)

So, yesterday was our one year anniversary!  It's hard to believe, but that year flew by so fast!

One year ago, when I bawled by eyes out while trying to maintain my composure...didn't work!

We didn't do anything out of the ordinary or make a huge deal of the day.  We just spent it together doing what we like to do. 
I finished planting my flowers while hubby worked on a few odds and ends that needed taken care of.

We did run to town to get our passport pictures taken and pick up a few things from the store.  A quick lunch at Taco Bell, and home we went.  (Yes, romantic, I know!)  If you didn't already know, hubby doesn't like to be away from home.  I pretty much have to kidnap him and lock him in the trunk to take him with me! But don't call the police, because he went willingly this weekend!

After the "I Do's", riding off into the sunset!

After working at home for a while, we headed to the farm to spend quality time with our babies, oh and feed them!  Sister and her family were already there making soup for our parents.  It was my Mother and Father in-laws 19th anniversary as well! 

We were talked into staying for a delicious pot of homemade chicken noodle and dumpling soup and good company.  We finished out the evening putting away laundry and watching a movie. 

Starting off our life as Husband and Wife in a "relaxed" and "laid-back" fashion, just like us!

Now, to most of you, that wouldn't really count as a romantic day spent together.  But you should know, hubby and I don't usually get to spend a whole day together, so this was perfect!  We even went to Bismarck for the day on Saturday to just get away and pick up a few needed things at Menard's.

Overall, this was a perfect weekend (with a few minor bumps!).  I have been saving the rest of our Unity Sand for our anniversary to fix our unity bowl.  I clearly forgot to show instruct hubby how those work before the wedding ceremony.  Our bowl turned into a complete mix of green and pink sand to make a not so beautiful color.  But that's ok, we added the rest of the sand yesterday to the top and it turned out pretty cool! We also shared mini red velvet cupcakes since hubby didn't get any of our red velvet wedding cake that he wanted a year ago! 

If anyone is wondering what we got for each other to celebrate this wonderful day, I activated hubby's XM radio in the pick-up since he has been begging for it since the trial period was up.  And as for what I got, you will have to wait and see just like me!  I was informed that it is on it's way and will be a few days late.  I will update you when I know!

 "One year ago today, I was a nervous bride filled with love, happiness, and anxiety; surrounded by so much love from beautiful friends and family. I cannot only thank my husband for this great year, but also the friends and family I have gained and who have shared their love with me. Happy Anniversary hunny!"

Enjoy the love of you life and the time spent together. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We have a Golden Birthday!

On another note today:
My baby sister-in-law turned 18 today!
She is growing up fast and will soon be a college student.  I can't believe graduation is next weekend!

Prom night, when my camera decided to fail me
 Happy Birthday to my gorgeous, smart, talented, and beautiful sis! Love you!
I must add, this talented little lady was awarded Outstanding Senior Chior Student of the year!

O, I just melt when she sings!

Branding Season Started

Couldn't get in the fields this weekend, so they decided it was a great time to brand and run the calves through. 

Be afraid!  Hubby with a needle
All the new little babies got their shots and brands.  A few got tags and some got banded. 
I don't think this little guy like it much!
If you don't know what banding is, I will try to put it politely.  The bully calves that won't be kept for breeding purposes get their man-hood taken.  This can be done by cutting or banding.  My parents cut, my in-laws band.  It's a matter of preferences in most cases.  When they are banded, a tight, little elastic band is secured around their, ahh-hems.  Not sure which I prefer, either ones gotta be painful.  Poor little guys!

Anyway, life goes on and the guys proceeded at their tasks.  At the in-laws, this is usually an event filled with plenty of our friends and beverages and food and some wives there for moral support.

Part of the branding crew
And yes, at both farms, we use the shuttles and cradles.  Lazy? Easier?  I don't know.  But neither of us have horses and enough people (or calves) to waste the energy on roping the little guys and wrestling with them.

Good snag brother!
To start the process, all the calves are sorted from their mama's and pushed into the corals.  Two or three guys are in charge of pushing a group of the calves to the holding pen so they can be pushed through the shuttles easier. 

These guys are waiting their turn
Brother M and another friend pushed the calves through the "alleyway" into the shuttle
After the calves are all worked, they are moved back to the pasture with their mama's.  This is always a fun time and because I was part of the fiasco, I didn't get any pictures.  This may be were MORE beverages were consumed.  People on 4-wheelers or driving the Ranger or in the tractor with a bale of hay to get them movin' and beverages.  Yes, I know, we are all about safety around here!

After all the fun is done, the food that the woman prepared (myself included!) is set out for the hungry, tired, dirty, stinky guys to eat.  Which then turns into a night of cards and more beverages.  I may have joined in more on this activity!
And no, those cans are NOT all mine.  I just happened to be sitting by the can pile.
Over all, a productive day!  A little drizzle and sleet and no sun. 
I was in charge of keeping these 4 little guys that decided to sneak through the one fence that is a little larger then others.  I lost the same one 3 times! The first time, secretly, I wanted to see if it would really go through.  The second and third time, he was faster then me!

Enjoy the planting season and the thought of a nice Spring!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rancher in the Making! Not by choice, though

So hubby and I are currently the proud parents of 7 little black and white bullies, who have all oddly stolen my heart!  How can they not, they have the cutest faces and the funniest "expressions." 

Last night, since hubby was so sweet to stop and pick up steaks and fill the propane tank to grill up supper for my friend and I, I thought I would go out and feed the babies myself. 

We have been trying to get little Eddie off the bottle and on the pail like the rest of his brothers.  No one was having success with Eddie.  So I thought, since I'm on my own, I will try, just TRY to get this little, timid guy to drink out of the pail.
So, like usual, I got the pail ready and set it in the pen.  I let him suck on my fingers (I like when they do that) and tried to bring his head to the pail. 
            No luck...
        So I brought the pail to his nose, but he wouldn't put it in.  He just kept pullin' his head away, like usual.

I wasn't giving up this time and I wasn't going to get frustrated, either.  One more attempt, and Holy Smokes, he stuck his nose full force into the pail of milk!  I set the pail down and pulled my finger out of his mouth slowly and stepped away. 
At this time, my father-in-law was in the barn helpin' me give them feed, and I said, "See, easy as that!" 
I think he was a little shocked, because we have all tried this method for the last week and I, little old, somewhat farm girl, Dani, did it!


                   I got Eddie to eat like the big kids!
                         Maybe now they will all stop pickin' on him!  Poor guy, he's easily spooked and timid still.

On another note: 
Hubby grilled up some great tasting steaks and awesome cheesy, seasoned potatoes for my bestest friend in the whole world! It was great to see Jay and have some much needed girl talk.  Life seems to stop when I get to hang out with her.  Never a dull or crabby-ass moment with her.

Can't seem to find a picture of us sober.  Is that bad?
It's funny, I think the closer you live to someone, the less you see them.  When Jay lived 10 miles away, I saw her MAYBE once a month.  Now she lives about 75 miles from me, and I definitely NEVER see her.  Haven't even seen her place and it's been about a year since she moved there.  HORRIBLE friend!
             But it was GREAT to see her and catch up.  It's kinda tough to call and talk when she lives the life of a full time nurse with a rotating shift!

Enjoy the weekend and hopefully the sun will come out so I can plant my flowers.  And possibly a day of working cattle at the in-laws! Might be an exciting weekend (with a headache ending!).

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Addictions...and no help from the hubby!

It's true, I think I have an addiction.  No need for medical help addiction, but one none the less. 
And my hubby is NO HELP!

I don't usually buy diet coke to have at the house, because if it's not there, I don't drink it.  Now when I have some in the house, I drink it.  But the last blizzard we had back in...oh wait, that was just a week and a half ago...I was desperate for a diet coke and there was none to be found in our house!  So I ventured out into the cold and snow and wind to "steal" one from the fire hall.  This was desperate because I normally wouldn't do this.

So, hubby and I went grocery shopping the next day and he INSISTED that I buy myself a case of pop.  Gee, thanks hunny, now I have one everyday!  I was doing SO good too.  I was down to one every other day.  I didn't drink one for a week and a half when I got my wisdom teeth out.
But then I had my first Malibu diet...
            and it was all over after that.  It was game on!

So I'm back to the one-a-day.  And I had a headache today at work, so I scrounged up enough change to buy one.  Not a good habit!  Well, it's better then other things I guess.

But, since we are on an addiction kick, I will fill ya in on some of my other addictions.

    *My nieces! Which includes my friends little girl, Sawyer!

Niece, Neaveh!
    *The Internet
    *Being lazy - is this really an addiction?  Yeah, I'm going to call it that, so then you can't call me LAZY
    *House shopping online - even though I'm not buying a house!
    *Buying crazy colors of fingernail polish now that I have nice, beautiful nails! (I think I need a separate post for this addiction!
    *MUSIC! which in turn, turns in to dancing as well!
    *Watching Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant.  I also keep up with these crazy ladies online (Stalker?)
    *Oh, and my husband!

Yup, that looks like a good list of addictions! Too bad I won't admit I have a problem and get help.  Hi, my name is Dani and I have an...nope, not gonna say it! I just have a strong like/love for these things.  No need for help here. Move on!

Enjoy the middle of Spring, because it's sadly almost over! June 21 is the first day of Summer.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good....

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 BlackBerry smartphone - 3G 256 MB - shared - WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM

Yes, that's right.  I was reunited with my old friend, the blackberry curve this weekend! The best Mother's Day I've had so far (and I'm not even a mother!).
It took a few patient minutes standing at AT&T to get things switched over, but the curve is back times 2!
Hubby decided he wanted his blackberry back as well.  Took a little convincing, but he went for it.  You see, he's kind of hard on phones and really does need to have a flip phone for screen protection.  But, when AT&T took over, they didn't offer the blackberry flip that he once had. 

Only problem with J having this same phone, he makes me figure everything out and teach him! Example, last night, as I'm folding and putting away laundry, I hear "Babe!, Babe!" from the man chair in the living room.  I walk out into the living room, "Yes, dear?"  "Hey, what does this mean?"...as he's trying to download some weather app..."Well, just read it hunny and you will see what it means." "Oh, okay, I will just hit no then"...perfect, my laundry didn't need me as much as you did in the instant anyway!
Friends wedding June 2009.  Not so sober (either of us!)
But how could you be mad at that face!

Yup, it's just the start of a great technological relationship for him.  
I probably failed to mention, but my hubby and in-laws are somewhat technologically, umm...dumb? Is that the right word?  If it wasn't for us great in-laws to them, they would be lost!

Anyway, my phone and I spent some quality time Sunday evening getting reacquainted and back in love!

Mother's Day/Sunday recap (other than the phone of course):

We took my mom out for supper on Saturday night.  Then spent some family bonding time at a local bar.

Sunday, our oldest niece made her First Communion.  Since J is her Godfather, we figured we should make it to this special day.  We attended the beautiful mass, hugged our sweet niece and off we went to retrieve our blackberries!
Our niece.  Forgot my camera, so this is actually a picture from this past summer.
2 of my 7 babies! Charlie and Frankie
It's legit, they have names!
We spent the rest of the day mowing and cleaning up the yard.  We had to take advantage of the gorgeous day!  Of course, we didn't forget about our 7 sweet babies at the farm.  I tried to convince hubby that I am a mom to them and I NEED a Mother's Day present.  Guess the pizza we picked up before heading home was my mother's day lunch! What a thoughtful guy ;)

As the rain and moisture continues on here, the farmers are still itchin' to get in the fields.  The sky dumped a whole lotta rain on us in the past 2 days and we now have a lake in our office parking lot! 
Looks like I might be seeing more and more flax fields this year! Love the blue hue in the mornings as I drive by.  For those who don't understand, the later the planting season gets pushed, the more late crops we will be seeing, such as, flax and sunflowers.   -   Thought I should throw that little agricultural education in there.

Enjoy the fresh smell of rain and the beautiful flowers that will be in bloom because of it!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy (belated) Mother's day!

Once again, I'm a day late and a dollar short.  Well, maybe not just a dollar, but that's for another day. 

I've already done a "tribute" to my mom, but I need to say a few words again.

She really, truly is my bestest friend. 

Mom and I on May 22, 2010.
Photo Credit: J. Burman

She was the one who was there for me from the day I was born (obviously, not explanations there!). 

She was the one keeping me mostly sane throughout my high school days of bitchy snobby girls. 
She was the one pushing me to be my best and cheering me on when she had NO clue what was going on.  This includes basketball, volleyball, and dance recitals.

She was the one who I called from college when my world was falling apart. 
She was the one who I spent at least one day a month with on our shopping trips to the near by "city."
She was the one taking me out for lunch/supper and drinks when I just needed a break.
She was the one who my friends loved from the time they met her.
She was the one keeping my secrets when I had no one else to share them with.
She was the one who felt the wrath of my teen years.

She is still the one who I call when I have exciting news or I just need to vent, or just need to TALK (because I love to talk).
She is still the one who cheers me on when I am trying to accomplish something.
She is still the one looking out for me from behind the scenes.
She is still the one who offer advice when she knows she should and shuts her mouth when she knows it's time to stop talking.
She is still the one who feels the wrath of my bitchiness when I retract to my teen years, but loves me anyway.

Not only is she my best friend, but also my mother.  And I am SO thankful for her and blessed to be able to call her that. 
My life would truly not be the same without her unconditional love, support and open arms.

And also the reason I'm scared for my children! Just kidding ;)

So on this day after Mother's Day, I just want to say, I love you mom with all my heart and I am so thankful for everything you have done and do for me (and my husband). 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bonfire, out in the sticks...

Again, the music obsession lately (in case you didn't know, the title of this post is from a song).

I would love to believe that it is officially bonfire season, but it seems that the ND weather wants to stay cold and rainy, or warm and windy. 

This is my simple thought for that day!  Can't wait to attend/have a bonfire or two this summer.  Grab a case of beer or a bottle of boone's farm (for old time sake), and just chill by the fire.  -You know what I mean.

I would love to share some important piece of information or an exciting event with you, but I got nothin'!  Unless you didn't know that today is Cinco De Mayo!  Which means, tonight I will be drinking a margarita and eating tacos in honor of May 5th! - If anyone knows why else this day is significant, let me know please, thanks!

The sun is shining and the temperature is just right and I only know that because I stuck my head out the door on my way back upstairs from lunch.
Enjoy your fiesta or siesta today.  Ole!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Once Upon a Smart Phone...

Well, our cell phone service provider finally switched over today to AT&T.  When we picked out our new phones, I thought it was smart to switch us both back to regular phones to save money.


Yes, we are saving like 30 bucks a month (360 a year!), but I want my smart phone back!
Oddly, I feel dumb trying to figure out my "dumb" phone!

And I'm pretty sure they did a great job of offering us the cheapest, crappiest phones they have so that we all switch to smart phones and pay a zillion dollars more per month, because I am going to get my blackberry back!

This is the "cool" looking, non-smart phone that I chose.  Which, I must add, only has 8 ring tones AND you can't customize your contacts to have different text message alerts! Ghetto! (Good thing I had found a way to save my ringtones from my blackberry to my memory card and now have them on my new, non-smart phone!)

This is the cool smart phone that I want back!!!!!!!  It was so much more user friendly.

Ok, now I'm done ranting.  My service just switched this morning and I am already missing my phone.

Enjoy your smart phones while you have them, people! Never thought I would miss it!