Friday, December 30, 2011

Santa was good to us this year...

As "he" is every year. 

I was spoiled with a Kindle fire!  I never asked for it or even mentioned that I wanted one.  I didn't even KNOW I wanted one :) But I'm really enjoying having it.  I think hubby really enjoys it too.  Every night, I have to wipe off the multiple finger prints from the hours of Angry Birds that were played.  Until Christmas Eve, he didn't even know that game existed!

I also got a few other things, like a frying pan with no dents in the bottom, mixing bowls, a cookbook, maternity clothes :), and things for baby Buzz.  He was definitely a spoiled little guy too.  We got his first stroller and car seat, some clothes, and one noisy rocking horse (thanks Gpa and Gma!). 

Hubby must have been a good boy this year too.  He got a pair of Under Armor pants and shirt.  He loves them so much, I think I will have to buy another set for his birthday coming up soon!  Even though he got all the gifts he got, I think his favorite was the gift from me :)  I wrapped up the sheets and curtain for Buzz's room as part of his present.  He loves them so much, that he has showed everyone who comes over. 

Our Christmas Eve was spent with my family like usual.  We ate lots of good food and snacks, played some games, and shared some laughs.  It's always great to be at my parents for the holidays.  Then, Christmas day, we spent at my in-laws house.  What a change from Christmas Eve.  All the nieces running around and the added noise from the extra 10 people.  But I won't complain about the noise, because it only means we are all enjoying ourselves.

Hope Santa was good to you and you all got to enjoy some quality family time. 
Wishing you Happy Holiday's and hopes for an awesome New Year! :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

A wish to you and your family to have a very Merry Christmas!
I hope you get to spend time with family and friends and make new memories while sharing old. 

I also hope your Christmas looks like Christmas!
Here's a glimpse from our front deck....

There might not be snow, but I already got my Christmas gifts from my hubby.  And I love them.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here a moo, there a moo..

Just wanted to show off two of the darn cutest baby gifts we have gotten so far.  

This adorable cow piggy bank! We got this from some really good friends.  And the best part, there was already some change in it :)  It is REALLY full now.  Baby Buzz is going to have more money then me before he is born.

My mom bought this onesie one day when we were shopping.  I love it, but I really should have taken a picture of the has a little cow tail! :)  Then, she found the matching socks when she was out Christmas shopping.  Looks like she can't resist the cuteness of baby things either.  Not only will Buzz me rich, but he will most definitely be spoiled!

This crib was shipped today.  I think hubby expects to put it together tonight.  I was hoping he could at least hold off until I get the room painted, but I know how excited he is.  The crib sheets and window valence will be here this week, so I can finally buy the right colors for the walls and get started.  Can't wait to show off the room.  I hope it turns out like I picture it!
23 week appointment coming up this week.  Should have been last 22, but some scheduling conflicts existed and they made me reschedule.  Oh well....the nurse already called and told me that all the results of the ultrasound looked great! The doctor will go over them more at my appointment.  We are getting so close to baby being here :)
Enjoy the decent weather.  I, oddly, hope it snows a little for Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

It's a.............

Adding a little suspense here. 
I think I will keep you waiting a little longer.
Ok, ok, ok enough.  I know some long distance family has been waiting anxiously for this announcement...

Yes, hubby is one happy man.  Happy to have a new little helper and a farmin' buddy.  He's pretty convinced that he will be feeding calves in 3 years with him.  I have a feeling the only cuddle time I'm going to get with baby B is when I'm feeding him. 
And this also means that my mom owes us supper at El Sombrero! Can't wait :)

After the ultrasound, which is the coolest thing ever, we went to our local WallyWorld to get a few things to help hint at the baby's gender.  We also decided to get sidetracked in the baby section :)  We found an adorable little fireman's outfit and couldn't resist.  It was on clearance, so the only size available was a newborn size.  Hoping greatly that this baby will be able to wear it at least once!  Then, I made the mistake of mention all the adorable little things I found at Runnings a few days ago.  Hubby decided we HAD to get over there and buy at least one John Deere thing.

This picture isn't very good for some reason, but it is cute and I can't wait for baby to wear it :)

Also, I need to throw in a Happy Birthday to my dad.  I think he's pretty stocked about having a new little buddy to help farm too! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

21 Week update

Wow, over half way there.  I can't believe it's gone so fast.  And to think that we haven't started on anything yet, except baby names.  We find out tomorrow baby's gender, then it will be an all out baby blast at our house.  I've been looking at cribs for a month now and I THINK I found the one I like, but I'm so worried about finding sturdiest one; so I continue to read other buyer's reviews.  One day, I hope not to be such a worrier and just do it on instinct!  But I guess it can't be all that bad, I did, however, find my husband with careful thoughts.

Anyway, today they are comparing baby to a banana.  This whole time, I thought the fruits and veggies were actually a comparison in overall size, but today, I'm thinking it's just certain parts, such as length.  Because if my baby is the size of a banana in width, we have a long way to go!  Baby almost weighs an entire pound. 

Life is still pretty normal, nothing majorly changing during this time.  Well, except that some people like to call me "fat" because they think it's funny that they can do that for the first time in my life! But it's ok, I know I'm "fat" for a reason. :)  I have a couple pairs of maternity jeans that I wear just for comfort right now.  I am still wearing 4 pairs of pre-preg jeans, but one will soon be retired.  Shirts are a different story.  I continually dig through my closet hoping to find something I forgot I had that was a little too big before, but I am running out of options.  I need to do a full on maternity shirt shopping spree! 

As far as cravings, I still enjoy most foods.  I have noticed that my want for fruits and veggies and salty snacks has increased.  I'm trying to stay away from sugar as much as possible (which is not so easy when I really enjoy candy bars!) because I think Buzz gets on a sugar high and does more partying.  Speaking of parties, Buzz really enjoys the late night ones the best.  Every night, about 9:15, when I am crawling into bed and just getting comfy, he decides he doesn't want to sleep.  Which is fine, because it doesn't keep me awake at all.  But last night, it started then and I fell asleep.  Hubby came home at about 10:30 from fire training, and I woke up to Buzz having ANOTHER party.  But there was one really awesome thing that came from this party...hubby finally got to feel baby movin' an a groovin'!  He was so excited, he called me from work and said he woke up with a smile on his face thinking about it.  I think he will be even more excited when he gets to see the little one tomorrow. 

And, almost every night, hubby says, "Goodnight, Buzz.  I love you!"  And it melts my heart already :)  This is more then I could ask for.  Better then anything hubby could physically do for me right now. 

So, in a few days, I will let the blog world know if we are expecting a Prince or a Princess.  I know what my mom thinks and I know what my hubby think, let's just see who's buying who supper at our favorite restaurant!
(sorry for lack of photos lately.  I do have a post planned with a couple photos soon!)

Enjoy the sunshine and crisp air! Tomorrow will be filled with lots of excitement, fun, and family as we go to our appointment and celebrate our nieces 3rd birthday with hubby's family!