Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Showers Bring...long winters

The view from our front door today at noon

Again, why is our world white?  What does Mother Nature have against color this year?!? I can't figure it out.  I wore carpi's and sandals this week and enjoyed having the windows open, and the weekend shows up in an ugly way! 

Thanks, Mother Nature.  They even postponed by little sis' Senior Prom until tomorrow.  I guess they will remember this prom since it will be held on a Sunday afternoon! 

I will take the snow and frost like it was on the day I took the following picture!  This 50 mph wind is a tad bit ridiculous!  And people wonder why I drink...tired of this nasty weather.

Enough with the rants about the weather.  There is more to life then worrying about what the temperature and wind speed will be. 

Cooped up in the house means it will be clean for the next 2 days.  Only thing I have left is to scrub floors.  Then what?

Hubby's cousin is getting married today, but there is a no travel advised on the interstate.  We hope the weather clears so we can at least get to the social, supper, and dance tonight.

Enjoy the weekend! Think happy thoughts and lots of colors!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Music to my ears

I have been inspired and intrigued by music lately.  I'm not sure, but I think they added or took away from my personality when I got my wisdom teeth out.  Or maybe I'm just getting old and my likes and dislikes are changing....who knows!  Anyway, nothing interesting to share with you today so I thought I would leave you with a song lyric from my recently obsessed with song.

~"And I heard Jesus, he drank wine and I bet we'd get along just fine. He can could calm a storm and heal the blind and I bet He'd understand a heart like mine.~

Miss this sight!
Tomorrow is my baby sister-in-laws Senior Prom.  Wish the weather was better for her and all her friends! But I can't wait to see her all dolled up. I took her to get a pedicure last night for her very early birthday present.  We had a blast and ended up with cute toes! :)

Another blizzard warning for our area tonight and tomorrow.  NOT looking forward to this!  It's almost May for crying out loud!

Anyway, enjoy the "beautiful" weather in your area.  Hope all is well!

Monday, April 25, 2011


My attempt at being creative!

Sweet niece egg hunting!

Mom and I with our cruise confirmations!

Another sweet niece finding an egg

Another attempt at being creative. My brother's semi and the beautiful blue sky!

Cute niece on her birthday with ladybug cake!

Anyone need a little Inspiration?

Well, it's no secret anymore, on October 31, we will be boarding the Carnival Inspiration Cruise!  My dad surprised my mom with a Happy Easter/Happy Anniversary/ Happy Birthday gift on Sunday.  Him and I have secretly been planning this little adventure for about 2 months. 
He called and asked one day if I was mom, would I rather go to Vegas or on a cruise.  Thinking like mom I said, "I know she loves Vegas, but she has been begging to go on a cruise for years."  Perfect!

Carnival Inspirtation Cruise Ship
Our cruise ship...Inspiration!

Mom was in shock (and quite possible, still is).  She wasn't quite sure what was going on when she opened the envelope.  However, J and I knew exactly what she was in for.  
I can't keep a secret and I'm glad he let the cat out of the bag a day early.  I was ready to explode!!
It is their 31st anniversary today! :)  Happy many more years to you, Mom and Dad! <3

I will fill you in with more details when we get closer to Halloween at sea! 
So.excited.  Can't wait to have a little visit with J's aunt, uncle, and cousins while we are in Florida a day early.

Life is good right now!

Easter recap ....
Spent the early part of the day at my parents house.  Mom made a great lunch of ham, cabbage rolls, mashed potatoes, veggies, and lots of appetizers and desserts.

We took a little trip down memory lane by pulling out Dad's yearbooks and having some laughs! Then pulled out my yearbooks and senior memory book and looked at some of my brother's old pictures as well.

Hubby and I went for a short walk around the farm yard looking at equipment and old machinery.  I captured some good pictures that I will post when  I am at home.  (Shhhh..don't tell anyone that I am blogging at work, again!!)

After our little walk and mom's surprise, hubby and I headed back on our journey to my in-laws.  It was so beautiful outside that we spent some time in the yard.  MIL mixed up the fleischkuekle meat and the dough.  SIL and I made the fleischkuekle while BIL fried them up.  We enjoyed a great meal with the whole family, minus one. 

We all decided we needed to get up and outside after the big meal, so we sent the little ones on their egg hunt.  They had so much fun and found so many eggs filled with change! What a blast! (pictures to follow here, too)

Now, back to the work week.  The weather is just right for Spring time.  We need a good breeze and a few days of warmer temps to dry up the land.  Farmers are itchin' to get in the fields. 

Enjoy the "heat wave" and any good news coming your way! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home...

Our beautiful niece, Malayna, turns 6 tomorrow.  I, being the favorite aunt ;), made her cake last year and decided I would do it again this year.  Last year I made a barn with cupcake animals, that one was fun to make.  This time I asked M what she wanted and she responded excitedly, "A Hannah Montana cake!"  Negative my little girl, you are getting a ladybug! And good thing, because she LOVES ladybugs! 

I really wasn't going to be the good auntie and do this years cake, but I told M's sister Ava that I would make her a monkey this year.  I couldn't play favorites and only make one, so we now have a ladybug to celebrate with tonight!

M is the gorgeous little blonde on the left.  Ignore the fact that I look like an idiot, please!

Enjoy the last day of the work week if this includes you!  I will be showing off the bug and slippin' into my swim suit tonight for a pool party.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet Spaz

Meet Spaz.  When you are feeding him and pull the bottle out of his mouth, he starts "wagging" his tail and "spazing" out.  I enjoy watching it, so it may have taken longer to feed him last night!  Then, when I was feeding Charlie, he tried to get between the pen and the wall to eat Charlie's bottle.  Crazy calf! 

I wish I knew if this was Marvin or Cliff though. 
Oh well, for now I will call him Spaz.

I'm beginning to think that because of inflation, color costs too much and that's why my world is still white!!  Need sunshine and flowers and wheat fields and blue skies ASAP! 
My new shoes are getting made for not taking them on walks.  Sorry, I'm not dedicated enough to walk in this weather.

(Try to) Enjoy the rest of the week.  Easter will be here soon and hopefully the white goes away with it!

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Baby {calves}

Had to make him suck my hand so he would sit still for the camera

This is Charlie.  I've only fed him once, but I also nicknamed him Slowey.  Hubby fed the other two babies in less time then it took for Charlie to eat.  Slow!  And he tried to headbutt me.  I lived, he lived.  But tonight, if he tries it again, I'm gonna have to show him who's boss!  J thinks I need to stand over top of Charlie with his head between my legs so he knows I'm in charge...but I'm only 5'1, explain to me how that's going to work!

I will post pictures of the other babies soon.  They are all named...I only got to name Charlie.  J named the first one Norman (who I wrote about a few days ago).  The other two are Cliff and Marvin.  Now that we used two random names, hubby thinks we need 2 more calves to finish out our "Cheers" crew, Sam and Woody. 

On top of these 3 special additions, we had snow again over the weekend.  Expecting another 2-8 inches tonight.  Yes, that's a large spread, but one site says 2-5" and another meteorologist says 6-8".  Who knows, we may not get anything, which would be fine with me. 

Enjoy the green grass in your worlds, because mine is white right now. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yes, I said it, it's finally Spring!  Mother Nature and old Man Winter finally stopped fighting and the sun is shining! I can't wait to start planting flowers and my garden, o my garden! :) 

Life is good with my flip flops on. 

Went for a walk in my capris yesterday.  Temp was 69 when I called at 5:00pm! I was in heaven!
Signs of Spring from 2010.  Extreme thaw.  There is a bridge under there.

Recap of my life since I last blogged .....
Not a whole lot!  I still have 4 extra holes in my head after the wisdom teeth extraction.
I have been walking like crazy!
I had to send my "cute" shoes back because they were the wrong size and, I wouldn't have walked in those things anyway.  They were heavy on my feet!
So I ordered a new, slightly more expensive pair of Nike Shox...that will be here today! I know I already love them because they are exactly like my other Nike's, expect black.  Can't wait to try them out tonight!
Hubby and I are now the "proud" owners of a bottle calf, Norman.  Hubby names his calves I guess!

But quickly, Norman was taken away and put on a mama who lost her baby.  Saves us money on milk replacer and time on feed him at night!  Even though I refused to feed him because hubby tried to pawn it off on me everynight!

So now, hubby is on the look for Cliff.  (again, I don't name my calves.  Just doesn't seem right since, well, sometimes the calf doesn't go to the sales barn) 

I will definitely post pictures as soon as I get out there with my camera.  Oh, I can't WAIT to get my camera out in the farm world! Seeding season is JUST around the corner.  Many beauftiful pictures to follow.  And maybe a lesson or two (for me as well as you!).

Enjoy the sun, breeze, warmer temps, and pretty painted toes in flip flops!

Friday, April 8, 2011

A necessary {vent} of sorts...

After a few days of dwelling on a "motherly" situation, I am in need to "venting."  I know life isn't perfect and I am not like everyone else, but I wish I could change one thing...other's mother/daughter relationships! 

Obviously, over the years, I have learned that the relationship that I share with my mom is special and different then others.  I just wish I could change the way some mothers hold their daughters (or sons for some matters!).  A bond between a mother and daughter is very precious and the most wonderful thing in the world.  I will admit, my mom and I have had our times, but we always forgive and forget, life goes on. 

I have a situation within my circle of family and friends right now that has caused me to really look at life without my mom.  It wouldn't happen.  Our relationship means the world to me and I'm not sure where I would go or be without her.  I just hope that one day I can be as close with my own daughter. 
My wedding May 22, 2010
Photo Credit: J. Burman Photography
My mom.........supports me through everything.  Pushes me to be the best.  Laughes with me.  Cries with me.  Loves me when I am right.  Loves me when I am wrong.  Gives me her opinion when needed and shuts up when she knows its best.  Argues with me when she knows I am "being dumb".  Puts me in my place when needed.  Is my mother when I need her to be, my friend at other times.  Will party with me.  Loves my friends.  Adores my husband.  Enjoys life.  ......the list goes on.

It takes a special woman to know when to be a mother and when to be a friend.  A daughter is in need of her mother's unconditional love and support.  A mother never talks her daughter down or holds a grudge.  Life is much to short for pety arguments and such.  Little "dates" with just your mom can change the whole world.

Open support and open arms for a daughter are much needed. 
One of our yearly trips to Medora.
I grew up with an older brother, who I love and am close with.  I never had a sister.  My mom was the "next best thing."  My mom and I tell each other almost everything.  Sometimes I can't believe the things I tell her.  She knows everything about my life.  We call, text, or e-mail daily.  I know that one day she won't be here and I want to get the most out of it now! 

I just wish I could show a certain mother that the time she has with her daughter is precious.  Her daughter will be leaving for college soon and will probably never live in the same state again.  She is off to bigger and better things and I love her for that.  A mother should not feel or act like their children owe them something and that without the parent, the child would be nothing. 

Okay...sorry about the vent, but I hope to show some mothers that a relationship with their daughters could change both their lives.  Take your daughter to lunch, or a pedicure, or shopping, or just sit at the table and laugh.  Stories and memories are a precious treasure.  Please get out there and make those memories with your son or daughter before its too late!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fools Day!


They are not doing so good right now!  zippo to 10, but I gave up on the inning because right now, it doesn't even look good.  Oh well, they can't win em all!  They will when it counts. 

Maybe it's because I'm not wearing my jersey today...

I will tomorrow, then they will win.

April fools day....nothing exciting happened.  I couldn't come up with a good one for anyone.  Apparently my bad self wasn't coming out today.

On another mouth is fine!  The 4 extra holes in my head are healing (I think) and there is, so far, no infection.  Definitely no dry socket! 
...And I had my first diet coke in over a week! It didn't taste as spectacular as I remember but that's because nothing tastes normal right now.  It's odd, I never would have realized that when you can use your whole mouth to eat and drink, things have less taste.  It makes sense, obviously, but I never thought about it. 

In other news, I stopped biting my nails about 3 weeks ago, and they look fabulous!  I'm pretty sure if I hasn't stopped before the mouth malfunction, I would have gone crazy this week!

Enough rambling for today! Hope you pranked someone and didn't get pranked! Enjoy the beautiful weather tomorrow.