Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Yes, I said it, it's finally Spring!  Mother Nature and old Man Winter finally stopped fighting and the sun is shining! I can't wait to start planting flowers and my garden, o my garden! :) 

Life is good with my flip flops on. 

Went for a walk in my capris yesterday.  Temp was 69 when I called at 5:00pm! I was in heaven!
Signs of Spring from 2010.  Extreme thaw.  There is a bridge under there.

Recap of my life since I last blogged .....
Not a whole lot!  I still have 4 extra holes in my head after the wisdom teeth extraction.
I have been walking like crazy!
I had to send my "cute" shoes back because they were the wrong size and, I wouldn't have walked in those things anyway.  They were heavy on my feet!
So I ordered a new, slightly more expensive pair of Nike Shox...that will be here today! I know I already love them because they are exactly like my other Nike's, expect black.  Can't wait to try them out tonight!
Hubby and I are now the "proud" owners of a bottle calf, Norman.  Hubby names his calves I guess!

But quickly, Norman was taken away and put on a mama who lost her baby.  Saves us money on milk replacer and time on feed him at night!  Even though I refused to feed him because hubby tried to pawn it off on me everynight!

So now, hubby is on the look for Cliff.  (again, I don't name my calves.  Just doesn't seem right since, well, sometimes the calf doesn't go to the sales barn) 

I will definitely post pictures as soon as I get out there with my camera.  Oh, I can't WAIT to get my camera out in the farm world! Seeding season is JUST around the corner.  Many beauftiful pictures to follow.  And maybe a lesson or two (for me as well as you!).

Enjoy the sun, breeze, warmer temps, and pretty painted toes in flip flops!

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  1. It was 70 here yesterday and it was so amazing. Except we walked in chacos because we are dumb. I have like 3 blisteres on each foot. Those shoes didn't fit you and they were too heavy? Weird, since they were little kid. Oh well, Nike Shox are great, too.