Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet Spaz

Meet Spaz.  When you are feeding him and pull the bottle out of his mouth, he starts "wagging" his tail and "spazing" out.  I enjoy watching it, so it may have taken longer to feed him last night!  Then, when I was feeding Charlie, he tried to get between the pen and the wall to eat Charlie's bottle.  Crazy calf! 

I wish I knew if this was Marvin or Cliff though. 
Oh well, for now I will call him Spaz.

I'm beginning to think that because of inflation, color costs too much and that's why my world is still white!!  Need sunshine and flowers and wheat fields and blue skies ASAP! 
My new shoes are getting made for not taking them on walks.  Sorry, I'm not dedicated enough to walk in this weather.

(Try to) Enjoy the rest of the week.  Easter will be here soon and hopefully the white goes away with it!

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