Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home...

Our beautiful niece, Malayna, turns 6 tomorrow.  I, being the favorite aunt ;), made her cake last year and decided I would do it again this year.  Last year I made a barn with cupcake animals, that one was fun to make.  This time I asked M what she wanted and she responded excitedly, "A Hannah Montana cake!"  Negative my little girl, you are getting a ladybug! And good thing, because she LOVES ladybugs! 

I really wasn't going to be the good auntie and do this years cake, but I told M's sister Ava that I would make her a monkey this year.  I couldn't play favorites and only make one, so we now have a ladybug to celebrate with tonight!

M is the gorgeous little blonde on the left.  Ignore the fact that I look like an idiot, please!

Enjoy the last day of the work week if this includes you!  I will be showing off the bug and slippin' into my swim suit tonight for a pool party.

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