Monday, April 25, 2011

Anyone need a little Inspiration?

Well, it's no secret anymore, on October 31, we will be boarding the Carnival Inspiration Cruise!  My dad surprised my mom with a Happy Easter/Happy Anniversary/ Happy Birthday gift on Sunday.  Him and I have secretly been planning this little adventure for about 2 months. 
He called and asked one day if I was mom, would I rather go to Vegas or on a cruise.  Thinking like mom I said, "I know she loves Vegas, but she has been begging to go on a cruise for years."  Perfect!

Carnival Inspirtation Cruise Ship
Our cruise ship...Inspiration!

Mom was in shock (and quite possible, still is).  She wasn't quite sure what was going on when she opened the envelope.  However, J and I knew exactly what she was in for.  
I can't keep a secret and I'm glad he let the cat out of the bag a day early.  I was ready to explode!!
It is their 31st anniversary today! :)  Happy many more years to you, Mom and Dad! <3

I will fill you in with more details when we get closer to Halloween at sea! 
So.excited.  Can't wait to have a little visit with J's aunt, uncle, and cousins while we are in Florida a day early.

Life is good right now!

Easter recap ....
Spent the early part of the day at my parents house.  Mom made a great lunch of ham, cabbage rolls, mashed potatoes, veggies, and lots of appetizers and desserts.

We took a little trip down memory lane by pulling out Dad's yearbooks and having some laughs! Then pulled out my yearbooks and senior memory book and looked at some of my brother's old pictures as well.

Hubby and I went for a short walk around the farm yard looking at equipment and old machinery.  I captured some good pictures that I will post when  I am at home.  (Shhhh..don't tell anyone that I am blogging at work, again!!)

After our little walk and mom's surprise, hubby and I headed back on our journey to my in-laws.  It was so beautiful outside that we spent some time in the yard.  MIL mixed up the fleischkuekle meat and the dough.  SIL and I made the fleischkuekle while BIL fried them up.  We enjoyed a great meal with the whole family, minus one. 

We all decided we needed to get up and outside after the big meal, so we sent the little ones on their egg hunt.  They had so much fun and found so many eggs filled with change! What a blast! (pictures to follow here, too)

Now, back to the work week.  The weather is just right for Spring time.  We need a good breeze and a few days of warmer temps to dry up the land.  Farmers are itchin' to get in the fields. 

Enjoy the "heat wave" and any good news coming your way! :)

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