Friday, April 29, 2011

Music to my ears

I have been inspired and intrigued by music lately.  I'm not sure, but I think they added or took away from my personality when I got my wisdom teeth out.  Or maybe I'm just getting old and my likes and dislikes are changing....who knows!  Anyway, nothing interesting to share with you today so I thought I would leave you with a song lyric from my recently obsessed with song.

~"And I heard Jesus, he drank wine and I bet we'd get along just fine. He can could calm a storm and heal the blind and I bet He'd understand a heart like mine.~

Miss this sight!
Tomorrow is my baby sister-in-laws Senior Prom.  Wish the weather was better for her and all her friends! But I can't wait to see her all dolled up. I took her to get a pedicure last night for her very early birthday present.  We had a blast and ended up with cute toes! :)

Another blizzard warning for our area tonight and tomorrow.  NOT looking forward to this!  It's almost May for crying out loud!

Anyway, enjoy the "beautiful" weather in your area.  Hope all is well!

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  1. Soon life will make sense to you - just wait it out and don't force the answer - it will come to you :)