Monday, April 18, 2011

New Baby {calves}

Had to make him suck my hand so he would sit still for the camera

This is Charlie.  I've only fed him once, but I also nicknamed him Slowey.  Hubby fed the other two babies in less time then it took for Charlie to eat.  Slow!  And he tried to headbutt me.  I lived, he lived.  But tonight, if he tries it again, I'm gonna have to show him who's boss!  J thinks I need to stand over top of Charlie with his head between my legs so he knows I'm in charge...but I'm only 5'1, explain to me how that's going to work!

I will post pictures of the other babies soon.  They are all named...I only got to name Charlie.  J named the first one Norman (who I wrote about a few days ago).  The other two are Cliff and Marvin.  Now that we used two random names, hubby thinks we need 2 more calves to finish out our "Cheers" crew, Sam and Woody. 

On top of these 3 special additions, we had snow again over the weekend.  Expecting another 2-8 inches tonight.  Yes, that's a large spread, but one site says 2-5" and another meteorologist says 6-8".  Who knows, we may not get anything, which would be fine with me. 

Enjoy the green grass in your worlds, because mine is white right now. 

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  1. We got snow tonight, too. Came outside and there it was. So annoying!