Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fools Day!


They are not doing so good right now!  zippo to 10, but I gave up on the inning because right now, it doesn't even look good.  Oh well, they can't win em all!  They will when it counts. 

Maybe it's because I'm not wearing my jersey today...

I will tomorrow, then they will win.

April fools day....nothing exciting happened.  I couldn't come up with a good one for anyone.  Apparently my bad self wasn't coming out today.

On another mouth is fine!  The 4 extra holes in my head are healing (I think) and there is, so far, no infection.  Definitely no dry socket! 
...And I had my first diet coke in over a week! It didn't taste as spectacular as I remember but that's because nothing tastes normal right now.  It's odd, I never would have realized that when you can use your whole mouth to eat and drink, things have less taste.  It makes sense, obviously, but I never thought about it. 

In other news, I stopped biting my nails about 3 weeks ago, and they look fabulous!  I'm pretty sure if I hasn't stopped before the mouth malfunction, I would have gone crazy this week!

Enough rambling for today! Hope you pranked someone and didn't get pranked! Enjoy the beautiful weather tomorrow.

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