Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Showers Bring...long winters

The view from our front door today at noon

Again, why is our world white?  What does Mother Nature have against color this year?!? I can't figure it out.  I wore carpi's and sandals this week and enjoyed having the windows open, and the weekend shows up in an ugly way! 

Thanks, Mother Nature.  They even postponed by little sis' Senior Prom until tomorrow.  I guess they will remember this prom since it will be held on a Sunday afternoon! 

I will take the snow and frost like it was on the day I took the following picture!  This 50 mph wind is a tad bit ridiculous!  And people wonder why I drink...tired of this nasty weather.

Enough with the rants about the weather.  There is more to life then worrying about what the temperature and wind speed will be. 

Cooped up in the house means it will be clean for the next 2 days.  Only thing I have left is to scrub floors.  Then what?

Hubby's cousin is getting married today, but there is a no travel advised on the interstate.  We hope the weather clears so we can at least get to the social, supper, and dance tonight.

Enjoy the weekend! Think happy thoughts and lots of colors!

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