Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Once Upon a Smart Phone...

Well, our cell phone service provider finally switched over today to AT&T.  When we picked out our new phones, I thought it was smart to switch us both back to regular phones to save money.


Yes, we are saving like 30 bucks a month (360 a year!), but I want my smart phone back!
Oddly, I feel dumb trying to figure out my "dumb" phone!

And I'm pretty sure they did a great job of offering us the cheapest, crappiest phones they have so that we all switch to smart phones and pay a zillion dollars more per month, because I am going to get my blackberry back!

This is the "cool" looking, non-smart phone that I chose.  Which, I must add, only has 8 ring tones AND you can't customize your contacts to have different text message alerts! Ghetto! (Good thing I had found a way to save my ringtones from my blackberry to my memory card and now have them on my new, non-smart phone!)

This is the cool smart phone that I want back!!!!!!!  It was so much more user friendly.

Ok, now I'm done ranting.  My service just switched this morning and I am already missing my phone.

Enjoy your smart phones while you have them, people! Never thought I would miss it!


  1. AT&T switched a few weeks ago and it has been a nightmare for everyone. And me, even though I have Verizon. I have the curve and LOVE it (even though I want the iphone) but I love how they made your non smart phone look like a smart phone. Tricky trick. Also, a ton of phones don't let you customize your text alerts, which is the weirdest thing! My phone like 3 phones back let you and then the next 3 phones I had before the curve didn't. Hi, technology not keeping up with itself. I hope you get your phone back! AND I hope you get a new one, so it's all shiney and pretty!

  2. I never thought I would NEEEDDD my blackberry. Now I know that I should never try the iphone or an android or any other fancy phone besides a blackberry because I just might not be able to give up the new fancy phone if I had to! That blackberry was like my other hand at times and I didn't realize it until today. Ugh, I just want my smart phone! Everything seems to be okay with the switch so far, but this phone is one big pile!