Friday, May 27, 2011

We are those weird people!

The other day, I was looking at some ads on our local classifieds and came across a lady looking to buy lawn gnomes.  She stated that they were those weird people who collect them.

These are just the 5 that greet you at our deck.
We are also those weird people! But that was not me looking to buy more gnomes. 
And maybe I should clarify.
 My beautiful mother brought us a gnome that my grandma didn't want anymore.  I blame her for this!  Hubby fell in love and started getting these things as gifts and buying a few himself.
Next thing I know......
              we have a gnome family.

This guy, I had to purchase my hubby when he was "a good kid" at Hobby Lobby.

This lovely addition came as a Christmas gift from hubby's brother.  Gee, Thanks Mike!
I got one as a birthday gift from my mom (remember I blame you!) last year, they are cute little guys sitting around a tree stump playing cards and its a solar light.  I don't love them as much as J does, though.

Yes, we are officially those weird people.  Thanks everyone!

In addition to those lovely gnomes, I have beautiful flowers in pots this year!

I don't know what any of them are without looking at the little thing that came with them, so I will not attempt to guess!  But they are all colorful, and I love them.

Hopefully, soon, we will see some more pretty green fields and then the golden wheat. I'm kind of tired of seeing puddles.
Would also like to starting taking pictures of the seeding process to add to my collection of farming pictures.

Here's to the beginning of a long eventful weekend spent with hubby's family.  And here's to hoping I don't bawl my eyes out at graduation on Sunday. 
Emotions of the weekend have already hit me, which is odd.  And no mom, I am NOT pregnant, just proud of my baby sis (in-law). 

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.  I hope you get to spend some time relaxing and sharing some laughs!

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