Monday, May 23, 2011

One year (plus a day)

So, yesterday was our one year anniversary!  It's hard to believe, but that year flew by so fast!

One year ago, when I bawled by eyes out while trying to maintain my composure...didn't work!

We didn't do anything out of the ordinary or make a huge deal of the day.  We just spent it together doing what we like to do. 
I finished planting my flowers while hubby worked on a few odds and ends that needed taken care of.

We did run to town to get our passport pictures taken and pick up a few things from the store.  A quick lunch at Taco Bell, and home we went.  (Yes, romantic, I know!)  If you didn't already know, hubby doesn't like to be away from home.  I pretty much have to kidnap him and lock him in the trunk to take him with me! But don't call the police, because he went willingly this weekend!

After the "I Do's", riding off into the sunset!

After working at home for a while, we headed to the farm to spend quality time with our babies, oh and feed them!  Sister and her family were already there making soup for our parents.  It was my Mother and Father in-laws 19th anniversary as well! 

We were talked into staying for a delicious pot of homemade chicken noodle and dumpling soup and good company.  We finished out the evening putting away laundry and watching a movie. 

Starting off our life as Husband and Wife in a "relaxed" and "laid-back" fashion, just like us!

Now, to most of you, that wouldn't really count as a romantic day spent together.  But you should know, hubby and I don't usually get to spend a whole day together, so this was perfect!  We even went to Bismarck for the day on Saturday to just get away and pick up a few needed things at Menard's.

Overall, this was a perfect weekend (with a few minor bumps!).  I have been saving the rest of our Unity Sand for our anniversary to fix our unity bowl.  I clearly forgot to show instruct hubby how those work before the wedding ceremony.  Our bowl turned into a complete mix of green and pink sand to make a not so beautiful color.  But that's ok, we added the rest of the sand yesterday to the top and it turned out pretty cool! We also shared mini red velvet cupcakes since hubby didn't get any of our red velvet wedding cake that he wanted a year ago! 

If anyone is wondering what we got for each other to celebrate this wonderful day, I activated hubby's XM radio in the pick-up since he has been begging for it since the trial period was up.  And as for what I got, you will have to wait and see just like me!  I was informed that it is on it's way and will be a few days late.  I will update you when I know!

 "One year ago today, I was a nervous bride filled with love, happiness, and anxiety; surrounded by so much love from beautiful friends and family. I cannot only thank my husband for this great year, but also the friends and family I have gained and who have shared their love with me. Happy Anniversary hunny!"

Enjoy the love of you life and the time spent together. 


  1. Happy Aniversary! Seems like just the other day that you two got hitched! Such a beautiful day for a truly beautiful couple....miss you guys!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! - you are a beautiful couple. I so enjoy your blog and look forward to reading your next adventure ☺
    Love ya - Dolly