Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good....

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 BlackBerry smartphone - 3G 256 MB - shared - WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM

Yes, that's right.  I was reunited with my old friend, the blackberry curve this weekend! The best Mother's Day I've had so far (and I'm not even a mother!).
It took a few patient minutes standing at AT&T to get things switched over, but the curve is back times 2!
Hubby decided he wanted his blackberry back as well.  Took a little convincing, but he went for it.  You see, he's kind of hard on phones and really does need to have a flip phone for screen protection.  But, when AT&T took over, they didn't offer the blackberry flip that he once had. 

Only problem with J having this same phone, he makes me figure everything out and teach him! Example, last night, as I'm folding and putting away laundry, I hear "Babe!, Babe!" from the man chair in the living room.  I walk out into the living room, "Yes, dear?"  "Hey, what does this mean?"...as he's trying to download some weather app..."Well, just read it hunny and you will see what it means." "Oh, okay, I will just hit no then"...perfect, my laundry didn't need me as much as you did in the instant anyway!
Friends wedding June 2009.  Not so sober (either of us!)
But how could you be mad at that face!

Yup, it's just the start of a great technological relationship for him.  
I probably failed to mention, but my hubby and in-laws are somewhat technologically, umm...dumb? Is that the right word?  If it wasn't for us great in-laws to them, they would be lost!

Anyway, my phone and I spent some quality time Sunday evening getting reacquainted and back in love!

Mother's Day/Sunday recap (other than the phone of course):

We took my mom out for supper on Saturday night.  Then spent some family bonding time at a local bar.

Sunday, our oldest niece made her First Communion.  Since J is her Godfather, we figured we should make it to this special day.  We attended the beautiful mass, hugged our sweet niece and off we went to retrieve our blackberries!
Our niece.  Forgot my camera, so this is actually a picture from this past summer.
2 of my 7 babies! Charlie and Frankie
It's legit, they have names!
We spent the rest of the day mowing and cleaning up the yard.  We had to take advantage of the gorgeous day!  Of course, we didn't forget about our 7 sweet babies at the farm.  I tried to convince hubby that I am a mom to them and I NEED a Mother's Day present.  Guess the pizza we picked up before heading home was my mother's day lunch! What a thoughtful guy ;)

As the rain and moisture continues on here, the farmers are still itchin' to get in the fields.  The sky dumped a whole lotta rain on us in the past 2 days and we now have a lake in our office parking lot! 
Looks like I might be seeing more and more flax fields this year! Love the blue hue in the mornings as I drive by.  For those who don't understand, the later the planting season gets pushed, the more late crops we will be seeing, such as, flax and sunflowers.   -   Thought I should throw that little agricultural education in there.

Enjoy the fresh smell of rain and the beautiful flowers that will be in bloom because of it!

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