Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Addictions...and no help from the hubby!

It's true, I think I have an addiction.  No need for medical help addiction, but one none the less. 
And my hubby is NO HELP!

I don't usually buy diet coke to have at the house, because if it's not there, I don't drink it.  Now when I have some in the house, I drink it.  But the last blizzard we had back in...oh wait, that was just a week and a half ago...I was desperate for a diet coke and there was none to be found in our house!  So I ventured out into the cold and snow and wind to "steal" one from the fire hall.  This was desperate because I normally wouldn't do this.

So, hubby and I went grocery shopping the next day and he INSISTED that I buy myself a case of pop.  Gee, thanks hunny, now I have one everyday!  I was doing SO good too.  I was down to one every other day.  I didn't drink one for a week and a half when I got my wisdom teeth out.
But then I had my first Malibu diet...
            and it was all over after that.  It was game on!

So I'm back to the one-a-day.  And I had a headache today at work, so I scrounged up enough change to buy one.  Not a good habit!  Well, it's better then other things I guess.

But, since we are on an addiction kick, I will fill ya in on some of my other addictions.

    *My nieces! Which includes my friends little girl, Sawyer!

Niece, Neaveh!
    *The Internet
    *Being lazy - is this really an addiction?  Yeah, I'm going to call it that, so then you can't call me LAZY
    *House shopping online - even though I'm not buying a house!
    *Buying crazy colors of fingernail polish now that I have nice, beautiful nails! (I think I need a separate post for this addiction!
    *MUSIC! which in turn, turns in to dancing as well!
    *Watching Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant.  I also keep up with these crazy ladies online (Stalker?)
    *Oh, and my husband!

Yup, that looks like a good list of addictions! Too bad I won't admit I have a problem and get help.  Hi, my name is Dani and I have an...nope, not gonna say it! I just have a strong like/love for these things.  No need for help here. Move on!

Enjoy the middle of Spring, because it's sadly almost over! June 21 is the first day of Summer.

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