Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bonfire, out in the sticks...

Again, the music obsession lately (in case you didn't know, the title of this post is from a song).

I would love to believe that it is officially bonfire season, but it seems that the ND weather wants to stay cold and rainy, or warm and windy. 

This is my simple thought for that day!  Can't wait to attend/have a bonfire or two this summer.  Grab a case of beer or a bottle of boone's farm (for old time sake), and just chill by the fire.  -You know what I mean.

I would love to share some important piece of information or an exciting event with you, but I got nothin'!  Unless you didn't know that today is Cinco De Mayo!  Which means, tonight I will be drinking a margarita and eating tacos in honor of May 5th! - If anyone knows why else this day is significant, let me know please, thanks!

The sun is shining and the temperature is just right and I only know that because I stuck my head out the door on my way back upstairs from lunch.
Enjoy your fiesta or siesta today.  Ole!!

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