Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 2

She Breathes Deeply


Or second post today : What makes you uniquely you?

I can't specifically say that my looks make me unique, because I have been told many times that I look like someone else.  I do have to agree with them since I look like my cousin and a friend of mine.  But, this question is about what MAKES me uniquely me.  I struggle at find the beauty that I hold and what makes me "cool."  I'm slowly learning to look at myself without being negative. 

Here is a list of "uniqueness":
- I dated a guy for over 5 years, but learned we were two different people on 2 different paths....then found my husband along the way. 
-I enjoy being alone at home or on a walk.  Sometimes my alone time is exactly what I need.
--When I am home alone, I tend to turn up the radio and "rock" out in my own style.  It's a good thing the neighbors can't hear me belting out my tunes.  I try to remember to close all curtains and blinds!
-I may not dress in all the latest styles and own a million different pairs of shoes, but I love my comfy clothes.
--I also REALLY enjoy my sweat pants and old t-shirts when I am home...sorry hubby, but that's MY definition of "at home sexiness!"
-I can put puzzles together like nobodies business.
-I tend to say things that don't make sense...even to me!
-My parents brought me up to be an independent person with plenty of good ol' "North Dakota values"
-I love riding 4-wheeler in the summer time, especially through mud puddles.
- I can do the "fish" lips which makes my hubby laugh.  He even requests the lips when he needs a laugh.
-I enjoy a good cry every now and then.  Sometimes it's just necessary.
-I have 2 tattoos, and plan on getting more someday when I have kids.
-I graduated from college with a Bachelors degree in Business with a minor in banking and 4 years!
-I met my bestest friend when we were paired up in the college dorms.  I love her to death! :)

She Breathes Deeply

I am joining Project 31.  This is a great way to encourage, not only myself, but other ladies to use 2011 as a new start or outlook on life.  I started reading about this on my cousin, Larissa's, blog and decided I needed to be part of this!  Mandy, another amazing woman, is the source of this project for the both of us.  Please read these two blogs to see examples of true beauty! :)

Day 1: What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty CAN mean so many things.  But to me, beauty is what shines from within a person.  Their love, givingness, and selflessness make a person beautiful.  This is really hard for me to put into words because you have to feel and experience true beauty for yourself. 

In our society, people see beauty as what is seen on the outside.  Yes, I will admit, I get sucked in to movies/TV and magazines that try to portray a "beautiful" woman.  And, yes, I agree, they do a good job of making these woman pretty.  But what we don't see on TV and in magazines are those woman helping others, putting their love and heart and soul into volunteering to make the less fortunate feel loved. 

I am making this post short because I am struggling with finding any other way to make you understand that beauty is not only "perfect" hair, "perfect" body, and "perfect" skin, but also the love in your heart.  Everyone is beautiful in your on way, whether you believe it or not!  Quit looking in mirrors trying to find the "perfect" person in you.  Look deeper and examine your heart! 

Love yourself!  That is my struggle, and I am hoping to use this project to inspire others and be inspired by others!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello Blog World!

2011~ This is the year for new beginnings, new chapters, and a new outlook on life.  I "started" this blog right after my wedding last year, but never posted.  I "re-started" this blog today by deleting my old account and starting over.  I hope to keep my family and friends up to date on our lives since many live so far away! I might even throw in a few post about ND life, cooking, and some pictures.  As I write this, I wish I had my camera to take a picture of the beautiful sky as the sun looks like a painting! Simple, beautiful things, like the sky, calm and amaze me.  (I'm also easily distracted!) So stop back and catch up on what my husband, the fireman, and I are up to.  I hope I can make you stop worth the time :) (I also like the color blue if you can't tell!)