Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 2

She Breathes Deeply


Or second post today : What makes you uniquely you?

I can't specifically say that my looks make me unique, because I have been told many times that I look like someone else.  I do have to agree with them since I look like my cousin and a friend of mine.  But, this question is about what MAKES me uniquely me.  I struggle at find the beauty that I hold and what makes me "cool."  I'm slowly learning to look at myself without being negative. 

Here is a list of "uniqueness":
- I dated a guy for over 5 years, but learned we were two different people on 2 different paths....then found my husband along the way. 
-I enjoy being alone at home or on a walk.  Sometimes my alone time is exactly what I need.
--When I am home alone, I tend to turn up the radio and "rock" out in my own style.  It's a good thing the neighbors can't hear me belting out my tunes.  I try to remember to close all curtains and blinds!
-I may not dress in all the latest styles and own a million different pairs of shoes, but I love my comfy clothes.
--I also REALLY enjoy my sweat pants and old t-shirts when I am home...sorry hubby, but that's MY definition of "at home sexiness!"
-I can put puzzles together like nobodies business.
-I tend to say things that don't make sense...even to me!
-My parents brought me up to be an independent person with plenty of good ol' "North Dakota values"
-I love riding 4-wheeler in the summer time, especially through mud puddles.
- I can do the "fish" lips which makes my hubby laugh.  He even requests the lips when he needs a laugh.
-I enjoy a good cry every now and then.  Sometimes it's just necessary.
-I have 2 tattoos, and plan on getting more someday when I have kids.
-I graduated from college with a Bachelors degree in Business with a minor in banking and 4 years!
-I met my bestest friend when we were paired up in the college dorms.  I love her to death! :)

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