Friday, May 13, 2011

Rancher in the Making! Not by choice, though

So hubby and I are currently the proud parents of 7 little black and white bullies, who have all oddly stolen my heart!  How can they not, they have the cutest faces and the funniest "expressions." 

Last night, since hubby was so sweet to stop and pick up steaks and fill the propane tank to grill up supper for my friend and I, I thought I would go out and feed the babies myself. 

We have been trying to get little Eddie off the bottle and on the pail like the rest of his brothers.  No one was having success with Eddie.  So I thought, since I'm on my own, I will try, just TRY to get this little, timid guy to drink out of the pail.
So, like usual, I got the pail ready and set it in the pen.  I let him suck on my fingers (I like when they do that) and tried to bring his head to the pail. 
            No luck...
        So I brought the pail to his nose, but he wouldn't put it in.  He just kept pullin' his head away, like usual.

I wasn't giving up this time and I wasn't going to get frustrated, either.  One more attempt, and Holy Smokes, he stuck his nose full force into the pail of milk!  I set the pail down and pulled my finger out of his mouth slowly and stepped away. 
At this time, my father-in-law was in the barn helpin' me give them feed, and I said, "See, easy as that!" 
I think he was a little shocked, because we have all tried this method for the last week and I, little old, somewhat farm girl, Dani, did it!


                   I got Eddie to eat like the big kids!
                         Maybe now they will all stop pickin' on him!  Poor guy, he's easily spooked and timid still.

On another note: 
Hubby grilled up some great tasting steaks and awesome cheesy, seasoned potatoes for my bestest friend in the whole world! It was great to see Jay and have some much needed girl talk.  Life seems to stop when I get to hang out with her.  Never a dull or crabby-ass moment with her.

Can't seem to find a picture of us sober.  Is that bad?
It's funny, I think the closer you live to someone, the less you see them.  When Jay lived 10 miles away, I saw her MAYBE once a month.  Now she lives about 75 miles from me, and I definitely NEVER see her.  Haven't even seen her place and it's been about a year since she moved there.  HORRIBLE friend!
             But it was GREAT to see her and catch up.  It's kinda tough to call and talk when she lives the life of a full time nurse with a rotating shift!

Enjoy the weekend and hopefully the sun will come out so I can plant my flowers.  And possibly a day of working cattle at the in-laws! Might be an exciting weekend (with a headache ending!).

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