Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here a moo, there a moo..

Just wanted to show off two of the darn cutest baby gifts we have gotten so far.  

This adorable cow piggy bank! We got this from some really good friends.  And the best part, there was already some change in it :)  It is REALLY full now.  Baby Buzz is going to have more money then me before he is born.

My mom bought this onesie one day when we were shopping.  I love it, but I really should have taken a picture of the back...it has a little cow tail! :)  Then, she found the matching socks when she was out Christmas shopping.  Looks like she can't resist the cuteness of baby things either.  Not only will Buzz me rich, but he will most definitely be spoiled!

This crib was shipped today.  I think hubby expects to put it together tonight.  I was hoping he could at least hold off until I get the room painted, but I know how excited he is.  The crib sheets and window valence will be here this week, so I can finally buy the right colors for the walls and get started.  Can't wait to show off the room.  I hope it turns out like I picture it!
23 week appointment coming up this week.  Should have been last 22, but some scheduling conflicts existed and they made me reschedule.  Oh well....the nurse already called and told me that all the results of the ultrasound looked great! The doctor will go over them more at my appointment.  We are getting so close to baby being here :)
Enjoy the decent weather.  I, oddly, hope it snows a little for Christmas!

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