Friday, December 30, 2011

Santa was good to us this year...

As "he" is every year. 

I was spoiled with a Kindle fire!  I never asked for it or even mentioned that I wanted one.  I didn't even KNOW I wanted one :) But I'm really enjoying having it.  I think hubby really enjoys it too.  Every night, I have to wipe off the multiple finger prints from the hours of Angry Birds that were played.  Until Christmas Eve, he didn't even know that game existed!

I also got a few other things, like a frying pan with no dents in the bottom, mixing bowls, a cookbook, maternity clothes :), and things for baby Buzz.  He was definitely a spoiled little guy too.  We got his first stroller and car seat, some clothes, and one noisy rocking horse (thanks Gpa and Gma!). 

Hubby must have been a good boy this year too.  He got a pair of Under Armor pants and shirt.  He loves them so much, I think I will have to buy another set for his birthday coming up soon!  Even though he got all the gifts he got, I think his favorite was the gift from me :)  I wrapped up the sheets and curtain for Buzz's room as part of his present.  He loves them so much, that he has showed everyone who comes over. 

Our Christmas Eve was spent with my family like usual.  We ate lots of good food and snacks, played some games, and shared some laughs.  It's always great to be at my parents for the holidays.  Then, Christmas day, we spent at my in-laws house.  What a change from Christmas Eve.  All the nieces running around and the added noise from the extra 10 people.  But I won't complain about the noise, because it only means we are all enjoying ourselves.

Hope Santa was good to you and you all got to enjoy some quality family time. 
Wishing you Happy Holiday's and hopes for an awesome New Year! :)

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