Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A couple ideas

Seems I have been MIA in the blogging action.  I'm still here, just living a boring life with no pictures to tell stories.  But, I decided I should share a recipe and a helpful tip!

First, the recipe. 
The recipe I am linking to is not the exact recipe I use, but very close!
French dip sandwiches have become a household favorite.  Except, we now ran out of roast.  Looks like we will have to wait til the family butchers again!  Anway, this recipe calls for a can of onion soup, I use a packet of onion soup mix.  Either way, I'm sure it delicious!  And I use the darkest beer I can get at our local bar, which is a Sam Adams dark ale.  The flavor is amazing!  Also, we like to use pepper jack cheese because it's what we usually have on hand. 

I also found an easy way to use this recipe for left over roast beef and gravy.  I put the gravy in a pot and add a little beer to thin it out and I add mushrooms.  Boil for 5-10 minutes, depending on amount of gravy.  The longer you boil, the more flavor the beer brings out.  Half way through, I put in the leftover roast beef I just pulled apart (or shredded, how ever you like it).  When I decide I'm too hungry to wait any longer, I pile the beef and mushrooms on a hoggie bun and top with cheese. Easy supper!  Enjoy :)

Now for a tip: We learned from a friend, the best way to remove bugs from your car. 
Bounce Dryer Sheets, Laundry 160ct
Picture Source

These little guys are amazing! I knew there were many uses for dryer sheets, but I never knew about this one.  Just wet the dryer sheet with clean water and wipe.  Very little scrubbing needed.  The only thing you will need is to make sure you have soap and water to wipe after the dryer sheet.  They do leave a little film on your vehicle if you don't wipe it off.  But try it, it's pretty awesome!


  1. NOTHING a Homemaker post, is ever boring. Someone, out there, needs what you know. Someone, out there is waiting to be touched by you....and only you can tough that person!! That I promise you.. Virginia .......

  2. That recipe looks yummy!

  3. I so wish that my husband liked mushrooms! That sounds so good and so easy to make!!!!