Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend of fun

As you may recall (or may not), Saturday was my birthday.  A quarter of a century, yes, I clearly remember! 

We had a BBQ with some friends and family.  Some people brought yummy food to share.  I, as usual, ate too much.  Didn't even have enough room to drink or make a s'more!

A good friend made a LARGE bowl of Gooey Chex Mix.  I forgot to get the recipe, which is probably for the better.  But then I did research online and found it....dammit!  http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=182842  Here is the link.  She had everything except the cashew halves.  It was like heaven in a bowl....or giant gut ache in a bowl.  Whichever you prefer!

I didn't have my camera out to take pictures of all the horseshoe throwin', card playin', eatin', little kids runnin' around, drinkin' action.  But I took 2 pictures of my favorite gifts!

Beautiful flowers from some wonderful friends who couldn't make it to celebrate

And this little guy!
If you don't know what that last picture is, I will tell you.  ahh..... one word....Amazing!
This is the head massager.  Some like it, some don't.  I, personally, love it!
Even better when hubby does it for me.  I almost fell asleep...only he gets bored after about a minute and quits!  We're working on it.
Thanks to my sister-in-law, I now would rather sit on the couch and playing with this little guy. 

So, after the long weekend of food and celebration, my parents took me out Sunday night to my favorite Mexican restaurant....The Hat!  And gave me an awesome birthday gift.  I would picture it here, but then you would all know how spoiled I am! :)

I'm off to enjoy my head massage and relax before some friends come over!


  1. Happy birthday! I love those head massagers! Every time we go to Bed Bath and Beyond I try to make Evan buy me one but he's never had it so he doesn't know how it's basically Heaven in your hand.

  2. Try checking out a Hallmark store. That's where my SIL got these and they were a dollar! :)