Friday, August 26, 2011

Linkin' up!

Today, I am linking up to Pinke Post blog.  She is another North Dakota farm gal with a great family story.  Check her out! :)

She's doing a "Your Favorite Pioneer Woman Recipe Linky Party" and I'm a joinin'!  PW is one amazing lady and I love her cookbook!  I will be honest, it was tough to find just one recipe to call my favorite, but I pulled on that is simple and most anyone has the ingredients to throw it together. 
And since this is the first time I've ever used the Linky tool, I'm showing off my rookie skills.  I've already linked PW's site to Pinke Post thinking I knew what I was doing.  Guess we will have to try this again!

Cowboy Breakfast Sandwich -  this is the one I'm using as my favorite.  Check it out.  Hubby loves this, but I should tell you, we have never tried it with the jalapenos.  If your brave, go for it!


  1. You picked a recipe that she had on the show!!! Excellent job :)

  2. Cowboy Breakfast Sandwiches are yummy! Thanks for linking up and connecting. You definitely picked a good one because it was indeed featured on her first show. Love connecting with a fellow ND blogger!

  3. I LOVE Pioneer Woman myself, and am a follower of your blog now. Thanks for the post! PW favorite of mine is the Iced Coffee... It's an addiction now.