Monday, October 24, 2011

14 week update (a little late)

First trimester went fairly well.  Seemed like most people were shocked to hear that I wasn't sick.  My biggest complaint was the exhaustion.  Our couch is almost broke in now thanks to those few weeks.  I'm still not in the "nesting" stage with my energy back, but I'm not trying to lay my head on my desk at 1:30 everyday.  I've just learned to go to bed at 8:30 when I'm tired instead of fighting it.

Now in the second trimester and week 14, baby is the size of a lemon, weighing about 1.5 ounces.  They said the energy comes back soon.  I'm hoping to find it on the cruise.
I'm still waiting to purchase maternity clothes, but I'm thinking in the next few weeks, the jeans will have to go!  I would be very satisfied if my employer would allow me to sport my sweats at the office!
Waiting for the day that I can tell that baby is moving.  The first ultrasound showed lots of movement.  And we can't wait to find out if we are having a prince or a princess!  This should happen just in time for Christmas.

And, as far as cravings, I've recently noticed that I could REALLY use some Doritos.  Nacho cheese or Cool Ranch, either one will do.  Other than that, I just eat.  I thought I was craving raw broccoli, so I tried it.  Don't think baby liked it much.  Buzz prefers steamed with cheese sauce!
I do miss stopping and getting frappucinos and lattes and iced blended chai teas, but I'm definitely making it without them.  I'm starting to think the reason I gained less than a pound in a month was because of the things I quit drinking.  Since I can't have Malibu Diet Cokes every weekend, calorie intake has probably dropped to where it should be! 

I do think I've been a lucky lady.  No morning sickness and no other problems.  Besides the emotions that pop out of nowhere and the lose of my memory, I think I'm doing pretty good.  I won't complain. 

Now, I just get to look forward to the cruise in 6 days and then, when we get back, start focusing on baby 100%!  Excited to start clearing out the bedroom and turning it into a nursery.  I'm glad I have the winter time to do this. 

Looks like a possible chance of precip in the next couple days.  Good thing it won't be sticking around too long!

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  1. Sounds like you are doing great - so very happy for you. Have a great time on your cruise - I hear the food is great so enjoy it ☺ Will be looking forward to hearing all about the trip - a new experience for sure.

    Be safe and we'll be thinking of you.
    Love ya - Dolly