Friday, October 21, 2011

Single digits and 2nd trimester

Single digits! 9 Days!  Excited...yes.  Nervous...yes.  Prepared...sorta.  In need of packing plan...yes.

But, either way, the day will come to leave for Florida and I will have to be ready. 
Not only am I super excited about the vacay itself, but we will also be seeing a hand-full of hubby's family while in Florida.  What a great added bonus!  Can't wait to meet the one aunt who didn't make it to the wedding and possibly 2 cousins as well.

Life couldn't get much better right now!

Countdown started

On another note.  I had appointment numero 2 yesterday.  This was a quick check-up to check heartbeat, get test results from last appointment and ask and answer any questions.
First question I asked....Any advice or restrictions for the cruise.
Dr. "Well, you do have to take a physician along, and I guess I can make myself available for you" (insert smile!) Good one buddy!  Other than that comment, he said do what I can and just relax.  Don't push yourself and DO NOT eat at the Mexican food vendors!

At 14 weeks, baby is doing good, as far as we can tell.  Strong heartbeat and everything checks out where it should.  The only thing that concerns my family is that I gained less then a pound in a month.  Dr has no worries.  I'm eating.  Not really exercising,  So I'm not sure where all the calories and food are going!  Either way, we won't worry about weight gain just yet.  First trimester sometimes brings weight LOSS because of morning sickness and nausea. 

The most reassuring thing that came from this quick 10 minute appointment was picking up the heartbeat on the Doppler and it being a strong 150.  That is one precious sound!
And I've said it before, this all doesn't seem real yet.  Hubby and I talk about baby all the time, but it hasn't completely hit me yet.  We talked to the future daycare provider which made it seem real, but only for the time we discussed it!  I'm just so thankful that baby P will have one awesome lady taking care of him or her in place of mommy and daddy.  We couldn't ask for a better friend to provide us with her services!

Enough rambling for the day.  It seems like my posts since I found out the great news have been rambles...I've lost my mind! But that's a post for a different day.

Enjoy the awesome Fall weather this week.  Hope it sticks around for awhile!

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