Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Just dance. It'll be OK"

My baby sis (in-law) graduated from high school last week Sunday.  We held an open house in her honor on Saturday and spent Friday afternoon and Saturday morning make appetizers for that. 
We decorated my sister (in-law)'s garage in black and orange, and hung cute, embarrassing baby pictures up for the friends and family to see! 

Along with the pictures were tons of awards and medals that Brianna was given over the last 4 years.  She is quite an accomplished lady and we are SO proud of her!

Not only did we celebrate her graduation, but also celebrated her being honored to give the graduation speech.  Her and a friend gave the speech together.  They did an amazing job and made us laugh.  They included things like, Zach and Cody and Andy from Toy Story graduated this year too, and a few inside jokes, and some words of wisdom from famous people, like Lady Gaga -"Just dance.  It'll be OK." 

This is all on video and will be watched by her mother for the next 25 years! 
But, we are all so proud of her!
I can't believe she is graduated, working, and soon, off to Ohio State University!  She will continue to make us proud, but we will miss her intelligence and beautiful voice here.  Brianna was walking around the house singing and Julie asked me who's going to do that when Brianna's gone.  Guess I will have to start taking voice lessons!

Sniff! Sniff! :*(

Camera failure!

Ahh! He was so proud of her (even though he doesn't admit it!)
They will miss their Aunt Brianna next year (so will I)!

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  1. Nick is leaving, too, so I know exactly what you're going through. So sad =[ but exciting for them!