Thursday, June 16, 2011

When nothing else fits, wear a Smile!

"When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure."

Steph is just that, a treasured memory.  3 years ago today, I lost a good high school friend.  I don't usually like to bring the past up about things like this, but I can't help but want the world to know about her!
About 14 years old.  Don't mind my slutty shirt, we were going to a dance!

When you were having a bad day, Steph was always there with a smile and a giggle to cheer you up.
She smiled through everything, even when she would get yelled at by a teacher!  She was one of those people who irritated you when you were having an angry day because she was still smiling!
I have so many memories of her from sleep overs, birthday parties, Farmer's Union Camp, Garth Brooks concert, ski trips, sports, yearbook staff, dances, Drama club, you name it, she was there. 
Farmers Union camp!

Many things that I remember about her include:
Her love for animals, especially dolphins.
Her giggle for no reason!
The way she flirted, and couldn't hide it!
Her passion for music. 
The amount of books she read!
She was so nice to everyone, no matter who they were.
Her intelligence.
Her open and adventurous personality.  She really wanted to skydive one day
Her numerous years of braces!
Her loyalty to her friends and family.
Her caring-ness  She loved old people!
Farmers Union Camp banquet night

I can honestly say my school years would not have been the same without her.
Now after high school, we texted and called once in awhile, but she was in a different town for college and made tons of new friends.  We kind of drifted and then ran into each other one night at the bar when we were both, oddly, meeting a mutual friend there and didn't know it.  We had a great time drinking, talking, and making new memories.  That was the last time I hung out with Steph. 

She was loved by so many and touched so many lives.  We are all so grateful to have known her, even if it was only 22 years. 
Taken too young, but in our hearts forever. 
So for today, I remember to wear a smile, even though my heart is still sad after 3 years. 
Sleepover at my house after a junior high dance
Happy 25th Birthday, Steph! Hope they are throwing you one shibby party today!! :)

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