Friday, June 10, 2011

The simple things in life

This is a quick check on before the weekend hits.  It is about 2 hours away as of typing this! 
Can't help but wish I was going to Minnesota with my in-laws to meet up with some family and hit up a Twins game and spend some time at the Mall of America.  But because of some time off issues and conflicts, hubby and I will be staying back home.

But this weekend will be a laid back, relaxing one...or so I hope!  Seems like every time I plan a relaxing weekend, it turns into a weekend of unexpected work.

It's the simple things in life that I enjoy.  The rush of the weekend, trying to get everything done so that we don't have to spend our weekday evenings working out butts off.  The unexpected family "gathering."  The good times spent talking, laughing, and enjoying a few drinks.  The quiet walk around the farm taking pictures of the natural beauty.  Reading a book on the deck in my new outdoor rocking chair.  The nights that hubby says, let's feed and then spend the night at home doing nothing. 

Just a quick note on this picture: I was taking pictures of the old "barn" wood fence at the farm trying to convince hubby that those pieces of wood would make the CUTEST, most rustic fence around our utilities in our yard.  We have been trying to find a good fence to cover some ugly utility poles in our yard and this seems like a unique, cheaper alternative.  I think it's a GREAT idea...hubby, not so much.  Hmmm...maybe if I put it up myself he will like the idea more.

As of this last week, I've been "watching" my garden "grow."  Seems like it's taking forever, but I only planted it on Sunday!  I'm ready to pull weeds and water (which I might not have to do since we moved to Washington State, or so it seems).

I know you can't tell, but there are rows, and no they are NOT straight.  And yes, I know where everything is and what it is!
Potatoes, cucumbers, beans, radishes, kohlrabies, and sunflowers take up the middle, odd rows.  Peas and green peppers are on the side lines.  And the spot behind the garden shed that I will not be using will possibly be filled with pumpkins by the neighbor boy. 

Enjoy the peaceful, cool weekend! :)

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  1. Aww that second picture with the flowers and the fence is so pretty =]

    My mom is probably drooling over your idea. She lovesss rustic stuff for her yard. I bet it would look beautiful. Now you just have to convince Jon!