Monday, February 20, 2012

Cheesy Enchilada Stack

After discovering Pinterest and all it's magic, I started following a new blog, Chef in Training.  I've found lots of great looking recipes on her site.  One that I actually tried was the Cheesy Enchilada Stack.  I only say "actually tried" because I print off tons of recipes that just sit in my cookbook or on the counter until I throw them away.  But since this was a mexican inspired dish, I knew my hubby would probably approve of trying it. 
Source: Chef in Training

I did make a mistake when making this, but we both loved it anyway!  I absentmindedly grabbed a can of mild green chili sauce instead of red enchilada sauce.  But, it still had great flavor!  And, since it's just hubby and I, and I wasn't sure how much of it we would eat, I only made half of the recipe.  I used 3 tortillas and cut them in half, and there was still enough for each of us to take for lunch the next day.  Along with a side of Spanish rice, we were both happy!  Highly recommend this recipe for something different and recommend checking out the Chef in Training!

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  1. Yum. We love enchiladas so well def check this out. Cooking blogs are the best and worst at the same time. Hahaha