Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot as fire!

Yes, it is HOT today!  Right now, weather.com tells me it is 91 degrees but feels like 103.  I'm glad I work inside.  Too bad our AC blows sucks!! 

This weekend was almost as hot and we spent the day outside.  This was our family weekend at the farm with lots of laughs, hugs, beverages and reminiscing.  I have pictures, but for the sake of keeping my extended families lives a little more "private", I will refrain from posting them.  Just know that we are one good lookin', fun loving bunch!  ;)

But, before the family weekend, Jon and I helped a friend burn down his barn.  I enjoyed taking a few pictures of something that I don't get to see everyday.

We successfully got the barn burned and kept it undercontrol.  I'm  glad I was there to snap a few pictures!

Hope you are all enjoying the heat and keeping cool at the same time!

1 comment:

  1. I agree we are one good lookin' family! It was nice to see you and Jon again. Look forward to next year with more laughs and stories. Good times had by all.
    If you are ever in Colorado our door is always open.

    Jon & Lisa