Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A July Storm

Friday afternoon, the weather turned crappy.  There were tornado warnings and sightings in surrounding areas and lots of rain and wind.  I was still at work with about 25 minutes to go when my boss ran out of his office saying there was a funnel cloud to the east of the office building.  It was far enough away to where it was still neat to watch.  All we got at the office was a massive amount of rain and wind, so we were lucky. 

Hard to see, but the funnel cloud is in the middle

I drove home with pounding rain on my windshield about 2 miles before it stopped.  It was sunny and blue skies at home!  But, I soon found out that the wind part of the storm had hit there. 

This is the picture after I rescued my poor flowers that fell off my deck.  Surprisingly, after losing most of the soil and being tossed violently to the ground, they are blooming like crazy now!

This is another poor flower who's petals are all blown off.  My favorite flower, too!

And then there's the garden.  Everything was leaning to the east.
It snapped off 2 of my sunflowers, the rest were just leaning.
Cucumber plants leaning to the east.

But, after all that wind and rain, the garden looks amazing and the flowers are coming back to life.

And this little guy is no longer plastered to our siding.

More pictures of my garden to follow.  I'm excited to show off some fabulous produce and maybe a gardening secret or two!

Enjoy the work week!
A P.S. from yesterday's post -  The best part of the weekend ------ I got to dance with my hubby to our wedding song, "I Get Carried Away" by George Strait, next to the bonfire! Loved it :)

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  1. How crazy!!! I was just catching up on my blog reading while T is sleeping (that is little T not the big T, lol). Glad that the storm wasn't any worse!!!