Monday, July 11, 2011

....I'm back!

Ok, seems I've been missing for awhile.  Things have been happening, but I sometimes I feel the best blog contains pictures.  And it seems I've been forgetting my camera lately.  But over the weekend, I got a few good shots to help tell the story and I will be posting them soon. 

Quick fourth of July recap:
Hubby and I met up with my parents, brother and a few friends at the Rodeo on Friday night.  This was hubby's class reunion weekend, so we ran into a few old classmates of his and had some drinks at a local restaurant.
Spent July 2nd at the Parade in the morning with my mom, aunt, cousin and grandma.  Afterwards, we went to the Arts Roundup and walked around in the scorching heat.  I burned pretty nicely that day!
That night, we had a birthday party and bonfire at my in-laws for my brother-in-law.  Lots of food, friends, fire, and fun.  Ha!  Also a few minor firework mishaps, or I should call them, malfunctions.
July 3rd was spent doing as little as possible.  We were both tired from the night of partying that we slept until noon!  I think we had a relaxing day...I can't remember!
July 4th - I went to the derby with my mom, aunt, uncle and cousins.  About the only thing I got out of that, was wrinkles, skin cancer, and sun spots.  That night, hubby and I went to his brothers house to see the nieces.  We had a few drinks and some pizza and played with the girls.  I got my fill of baby holding and some relaxation time.  Everything was going well, until Nevaeh tripped and fell and hit her head on a brick. Ouch! Poor girl had so much blood, but she was a trooper while mom cleaned her up.  Little sis, Elli, cried for "Vaeh".  Elli made me tear up when she was crying and screaming "What wrong with Vaeh!!!!!??"

So after all the fun of the weekend, we were back to work on Tuesday. 

After boring you with a weekend recap, I will hopefully entertain you this week with actually stories and pictures.  Family reunion this coming weekend, so I should really have stories for you then! :)

I'm battling a case of the Monday's today along with a massive headache. 
But, on a better note, it's Bachelorette night! And I WILL be watching tonight!

Enjoy your day and remember to smile!

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