Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Family gender announcement

I tried real hard to be creative when we revealed baby's gender to our families.  We thought about it for a few weeks and tried to come up with something good.  We had ideas like, fill a box with helium balloons in pink or blue and have them open the box, send appropriate colored flowers, or give them all an almond joy or mounds bar.  In the end, I think we could have been more creative, but the idea worked and it was fun!

We filled a neutral colored gift bag with candy bars, like Almond Joy, Snickers, Nut Roll, Hershey's w/ Almond, Peanut M&M's....and we attached a little riddle to the front of the closed bag. 
Look into this bag and see what you can find,
Herein lies the riddle to this baby that is mine.
All these things are similar and will try to help you guess,
The gender of our baby, so do your very best!
If at last you fail to see the secret that is hidden,
Check the bottom of the basket for the secret message written.

Then, the message on the bottom of the bag stated,
Our baby has 3 knees...
A right knee,
A left knee,
and a weenie!

Of course they didn't need the secret message, but it was too cute to not make them read it.
I think they all had fun with the idea and I'm glad we didn't just tell everyone.

We gave the bag to my MIL at our nieces birthday party and had her read it and open it in front of hubby's family.  They all guessed right away even though the first candy was a Snickers, which we thought was the least obvious.  A few weeks later, my 6 year old niece told me that she knew it was a boy when she saw all the candy had nuts, because boys have nuts too!  Her mom said, you are right, but don't be going to school saying that.  You gotta love kids honesty!

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  1. CONGRATS!!!
    You will have a "ball".. Sorry that was cheesy I know.
    Take care!