Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Today is hubby's birthday!  I feel kinda bad because he got his present last week (a new TV...spoiled!) and we aren't doing anything special tonight.  Actually, we are cleaning out the butcher barn so that we can butch and make sausage this weekend.  What a great way to spend the evening.  I did get him a red velvet cake roll (delish!) and I'm hoping his mom is making him tuna casserole.  Let me explain, I do not like tuna, so he doesn't ever get this meal at our house, but he usually gets it for his birthday from mom.
So, even though we won't be doing anything real exciting tonight, I hope he has a great day and he didn't have to work too hard!   
Happy birthday, love of my life!  Buzz and I love you :)

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  1. Wish him a Happy Birthday from us..... yum - I love tuna casserole, even for breakfast☺
    Love ya - Dolly