Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just when you think everything is perfect...

Here I am thinking that this pregnancy thing is pretty darn easy, I find out I failed my one hour glucose tolerance test.  No, this isn't the worst thing that could happen and it might not even be a problem.  But this is the first "major" issue I've had so far and it really upsets me.  My doctor said 15% of women fail the first test and about 1 in 5 fail the second test (which could have been his experience and not actual statistics).  But, this is when you start to think, what am I doing wrong?  Am I hurting baby boy without even knowing it?  Is this something that I could have prevented all along by eating better?  Is this something that actually didn't just develop, it's something I've had and never knew?  ....or, after failing the first test, am I going to pass this second one with flying colors and pretend this never happened? Either way, hubby and I are going to start eating better, watching our sugar intake, and doing more than sitting on our butts when we are not outside!  Or maybe that last one is just me...
So, wish me luck Thursday (or pray for me!).  I've heard people say an hour into the test they get really sick because of the massive amount of "sugar" they had to consume without eating anything before the test.  And I may go crazy sitting in lab for 3 hours!  Good thing I have my Kindle now and hopefully my dear friend Tania will be working that day and she can come visit me! 
Until then, I am going to try not to worry about it and pray that the first one was just a fluke! 

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  1. Don't stress! I didn't get sick when I did my three hour test with Mr T and I am absolutely can't eat sugar in the AM without first consuming some type of protein. It happens to a lot of people (flunking the first test) and it is not a declaration that you are eating unhealthy or have done anything wrong. I survived on Double Stuff Oreos and chocolate and Mr T turned out just fine! You will be okay no matter how your 2nd test turns out!