Friday, January 27, 2012

Week 28 update

At 28 weeks, I still can't complain! The biggest problem that I have is not being able to fit into my clothes!  It just hit me this week that it's time to invest in at least one more pair of maternity jeans.  And possibly give up some of my pre-pregnancy shirts that I have been trying to make work for the last few weeks.  And if you ask my hubby, his major complaint would be that I move too much at night.  I'm sure its a production if you were to watch me roll around and get in and out of bed!  Being 5'1 with a bed that is probably 3.5 feet tall is already a chore to get into without being pregnant!  But, at least I am sleeping good :)

According to, baby boy is the size of a rutabaga.  1.5-2.5 pounds and 13.5-14.8 inches long.  He is-a-growin'!  They say that if he was born right now, he would probably be able to survive with a little help from the doctors.  His lungs and organs are pretty much fully developed now and his wrinkly skin is starting to fill with fat.  And I can't wait to see all those little fat rolls :)

I feel large this week, but I know I'm not and I know I have a long way to go!  Baby boy has been a-movin' and a-groovin' ALOT in the last 4 days.  I don't think he sleeps much, and I'm a little worried.

Oh...and the glucose test results came back normal! I am so relieved for baby and I.  Like I told my sis-in-law, all this worrying is just practice for motherhood :)  So, the cake coma will be coming! I will let you know how delicious the Butterfinger Cake is.  And if I don't get it made before next Sunday, I will be making it and sharing it with whoever invites us over for Super Bowl, or whoever comes to our house for the game.