Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bachelor Time!

Photo Credit: ABC

Ok, this might be my lowest blog post, but yes, I am obsessed with "The Bachelor."  Forgive me, please.  Reality TV is a weakness.  Anyway, so there are 6 girls left.  I am going to give my opinion on them and who I think will be the final girl.  I want some comments on your thoughts, please!

Ashley H. - I like her.  I liked Ashley S. better, but she's gone and we can't bring her back.  Ashley mostly stays out of the drama.  There were a few moments where I thought she was going to get caught up in it because she said some things, but for the most part, she is there for Brad.  Not much else on her because we really don't know her all that well.

Britt - She's a cutie and quiet.  We finally started seeing her in the last episode or two.  I think she's there for the right reasons.  I'm not sure what a "food writer" does, if someone else knows please fill me in!  She also stays out of the drama scene.

Chantal O. -  Ok, this one confuses me.  I like her one day, then the next I don't.  She seems legit most of the time.  She seems like she likes the drama but also seemed very real when she told Brad she had a change of heart and knew she was falling in love with him.  BUT, then she tried to get Michelle (ewww) to spill that she was the one who was giving Brad grief about not handing out a rose that night.  So there is some drama when she is around.

Shawntel - Not really into her.  I can't tell what Brad thinks either.  She did irritate me when she was explaining to Brad what she does as a funeral director.  She needed to quit talking! I'm thinking she will be going home on the next episode.

Emily -  I love, Emily! She's a sweetie (or so ABC makes her out to be!).  She story broke my heart (I don't know why I get so involved).  When she said she "sabatoges" relationships, I was worried that she had taken a few steps back with Brad.  There is a real connection there with them and we all see it.  ABC makes their relationship very obvious.  Brad is so caring and comforting with her and I think he genuinely cares about her.  I would love for her to be the last one, but I think it is way to obvious.  I'm worried that she will be going home after he meets her family.

Michelle (eww) - I can't stand this woman!  She irritates me to no end.  She is DRAMA.  She is very manipulative also.  She has no morals because if she did, she wouldn't say one thing and then another the next time to cover her ass.  I don't care that she cried when she Brad told her he feels like he took 10 steps back with her.  She needed to go home about 4 rose ceremonies ago!  BUT, ABC wants her there for the drama, so Brad has to keep her around.  I wish she would leave on her own!

So...for my pick of the final 2, I will say Emily and ....hmmm, Chantal O.  And he will propose to Chantal and they will be off in about 6 months!  I don't like that prediction because I want him to be with Emily.  But I don't think it will happen.

Fill me in on your ideas and opinions! :)

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