Thursday, February 17, 2011

Such is life

Seems I have been away from the blog world for awhile.   Or I should say, from my blog.  I never leave blog world.  Your random blogs keep me entertained throughout the work day.   I just thought I would stop in and let your know I am still alive.  Our lives have just been somewhat boring lately and I have no inspirations to write with! 

We attended a funeral this week.  Life is TOoOooooOOOO short! I do not like funerals...for many reasons.  They make me sad, they are for our loved ones we lost, and they make me cry.  Anyway, we loaded up the pickup, hubby, my dad, "the best man", and myself to make this 3.5 hour drive to say our goodbyes and send our love and sympathy to one great family.  Everyone, tell your parents you love them, please!

On a happier note (sorry about the downer there)!  I need to link you to a friends blog.  I was going to share one of the top 5 recipes in our house, but I received the repice from C, so I will let her tell you how its done.  We made Taco Sandwiches last night, and as always, they were a hit.  Hubby loves them, I like them, and they are super easy to make!  And hey, while you are there checking out the recipe, check out what C, her hubby, and baby T are up to.  They have a more entertaining life then J and I do!

I did not take this picture. 

One very windy day here in North Dakota! Hope everyone can keep their hats on and remembered to fill their pockets with rocks! :)

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  1. Awww, thanks for the compliments! I really do enjoy your blog as well!