Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Day...A little late

So I don't believe that we need a holiday to get our significant other something.  I flat out told hubby that I wasn't getting him anything and he shouldn't bother getting me anything.  Plus, we bought new furniture just before V-Day, so I counted that as our gift to each other.  Even though J does not sit on the couch or love seat, we did get a new coffee table for him to eat off or put his feet on.  We couldn't get a new recliner because he says his is finally broke in (and needs a good cleaning!).  I'm pretty excited to get the furniture that was extremely back ordered...shows how popular it is, so it must be nice! I'm not much of a decorator, but that's for another time.  I just thought I would show off how sweet my hunny is.  He got me a cute little rose and daisy arrangement.  When the furniture comes in, I will show off our new additions and transformed living room.  Can't wait to buy new curtains now! :)

Me TRYING to be creative!

Again...TRYING to be creative
Have a great day!

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