Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday

Just spent a good amount of time trying to make my blog "pretty."  I am struggling and I usually don't struggle with these kinds of things.  One day, when I'm at home and not at work, I will spend some time trying to fix the problem I made at the top of the page!  Right now, it's going to stay so I remember what my intentions were. 

May 22, 2010.
Photo Credit: J Burman Photography
Photo Edit Credit: Myself

Weekend plans include a much needed hair cut and some relaxation time.  I hope the weather stays nice enough to spend some time at a beautiful place we call "The Farm."  This would be the farm that raised 9 children (one being my MIL) and hosted a beautiful wedding last May.  I am missing the scenery out there and the open spaces and hills.  Can't wait for Spring so I can start taking pictures of the farming process, from seed to a golden wheat field (my favorite time of the year!).  I wish I would have had a camera last night to take pictures of all the cute little calves. 
Hope you have a relaxing, enjoyable weekend!

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