Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Being almost half Irish, I do enjoy myself some St. Patty's day!  It is quite possibly my 3rd favorite holiday :)  Hope you all have your green on and, maybe, catch some luck today.

On another note.  After well over a month, I. Keating decided to stop hording our new furniture and it is now in its new home.  Once again, another lovely D-town business has managed to anger  piss us off enough to probably never order through them again.  It wouldn't have been so bad, but they said it would be here around March 1.  When I called on March 2, they said it wouldn't ship until the 11th and MIGHT be in on the 14th or 15th.  Thankfully it was in on the 15th, otherwise there may have been a beat down.  In the meantime, we had also purchased a new coffee and end table set which was in when we bought it, but decided to take it all together.  Well, we picked up the tables when we were in town one Saturday and thought we would finance everything while we were there.  Come to find out that J's "open" account was closed after the financing company was bought out.  We were not supposed to open any new accounts because we are in the middle of refinancing.  So I may have gotten a little upset and said a few things to the lady at the counter (who I know has NOTHING to do with the fact) and said I am done with I. Keating.  So we tried to re-apply and they denied us right away because we have so much money tied up in the refinance right now.  End of story, mom was nice enough to apply and was accepted and financed for us. 

Anyway, new furniture and tables are lookin' gorgeous in the living room.  Now, I just need to find new curtains or girly, fancy scarf like drapey things.....whatever they are called.  The ones we have, except in the bedroom, are all ones that came with the house.  I'm not real good with decorating! 

View from the front door.

View from the dining room.
Hope everyone is enjoying some nicer temps and your green beer today! Don't eat too much corned beef and cabbage!

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