Monday, March 28, 2011

How I've been feeling the past few days...

Exactly like a chipmunk.  I look a lot like this little guy, except not as cute!  I've been holding down the couch and our king sized, comfy bed.  Life hasn't been the worst, considering.  I thought I was probably going to die, or get extremely sick or something bad.  But so far, the worst is the swollen cheeks that put pressure on my mouth and jaw for a slight soreness.  SO FAR (knock on wood) everything seems normal and we are steering clear of dry socket. 
 ...I will warn you, if I do happen to end up with the dreaded situation, I am going to be a baby.  I don't do well with pain and sickness.  I have had some sick feelings but I am connecting that with the amount of medications I've been taking and the lack of food I've been eating. 

I never thought I would say that I didn't want anymore soup or ice cream or pudding or whatever else I've been trying to force down.  The worst is trying to eat mac & cheese (love the blue box!) and only being able to swallow it.  You end up with a tummy ache!

Through this whole process, hubby hasn't been here much.  I think he made sure there were things for him to do this weekend so he didn't have to sit and cater and listen to me whine! Ha, if he only knew that I slept about 20 hours of the day and didn't have time to whine!  Oh well, the first day, while I was sleeping, he sweetly made me chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, and watermelon jello jigglers.  That was sweet of him.  But I think that he thought if he did all that in one day, he was good for the rest of the healing process.  Sadly mistaken because I MADE him make me mashed potatos and gravy.  Then that was my mistake, because I had to scrape potatoes off the back I remember why I usually do the cooking!

Life isn't as bad as I thought it would be.  Back to work tomorrow.  Hope I make it the whole day, but I couldn't even make it through a funeral today.  Got lightheaded and hot and thought I was going to pass out.  So, wish me luck on my work adventure!

Hope none of you are chipmunk faced and have a great evening! :)

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  1. Ugh! Hope you feel better soon. I haven't had my wisdom teeth taken out and I dread that day. Thanks for stopping by.