Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life, cravings, and such

Sorry, no cute little chipmunk pictures for you today. 

Life is still a little on the downs right now.  Started feeling the pain and starting to not feel so wonderful.  Could be a lack of Vicadin...who knows.  But I figured it would be best that I didn't take my pain meds at work and snore with my head on the desk!  But yet, I might enjoy it.  I'll have to take that up with the boss tomorrow and see what I can do about it.

One good thing, I guess you could say, that came from this whole situation, is my choice of food.  If I had a scale at home, I probably lost a few pounds.  I could us the Wii fit and check my weight, but then the little Wii board will yell at me for not being there in the past 127 days!...oops.  I guess the other thing would be I am saving money and aspartame intake on Diet Coke.  Yes, I do miss my diet coke, but I haven't had a huge craving like I thought I would.

I do, however, crave things like...
Crackers and cheese
Chicken and bacon sandwich from Wendy's

my favorite Mexican resturant, El Sombrero's
....actually anything with substance and, non-liquidy

On another note, I went made a purchase last night.

*I actually ordered these in black because I already have a pair of pink and white Nike's that I love.

These are the cute, little (and I mean little) shoes I looked for 3 years ago and could never find.  I couldn't pass them up this time considering they were $59.99 and on sale for $29.99.  Now here's the deal I made with myself...
I am going to use these shoes to start walking/running more this summer. 
I sure hope I can keep that promise to myself, and my shoes!

Oh yeah, I ordered a size 6 little girls...yes, thats the size I wear! Or at least I think.  I checked my other shoes and I'm about 90% sure that those were little girls too.  I hope that is right, but I looked today and they are sold out of this shoe already!  Good thing I didn't hesitate too long.

Hope everyone is having a great day and keep praying for Spring...PLEASE!

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  1. haha I have those shoes! In pink!!! I love them except the tongue is connected to the shoe, rather than being its own little thing, and that took some getting used to. They are suuuuper comfortable though, I hardly had to break them in. Also, they're pink and adorable. I wish I could have gotten them for $30 I freaking got them like 2 days after they came out for like $120! Yikes!