Friday, March 25, 2011

Loss of wisdom

Well, I finally did it.  I lost 4 little bits of wisdom today.  I was nervous as hell before today.  Once I got there, I seemed ok.  Last thing I remember was the doctor taking off his white coat and the nurse putting something in my mouth to keep it open.  Hmm...I wonder what happened in those 45 minutes that I was out.  I am in decent spirits.  Just want to sleep, but can't right now. 

Might be too much for someone with a weak stomach, but I'm tired of swallowing blood.  Really just want to rinse my mouth, remove all the damn gauze and sleep the day away.  Oh yeah, my lip is so swollen that I feel like I was punched in the face.  Food would be nice, like a big ol' sub or a chicken bacon burger from Arby's.  Guess my diet consists of Jello, water, pudding, yogurt and broth for the next couple days.  Looks like this is my 2011 diet plan!  Oh well, I guess I will sit here for the day with my ice packs and hold down the chair. 

Hopefully life will be all normal again soon.  I'm just not to sure about taking the Vicadon.  I'm not even good with taking Excedrin.
My non-swollen face, yet slighting intoxicated (like I feel now)
Sitting on a pumpkin at the Bellagio in Vegas

Hope everyone is having a great, non-swollen face day!

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